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Build your career
linkedin profile tips

5 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Savvy Remote Job Seekers

LinkedIn has over 500 million members, with up to 40% logging into their accounts daily. It’s one of the most important platforms for establishing your professional presence and growing your network online. And since a whopping 85% of jobs are filled via …

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Manage your money
financial planning for freelancers

Financial Planning for Freelancers: Manage Your Money Like a Pro 

Taking the leap into freelancing is exciting, and, let’s face it, a little terrifying. While being your own boss has tons of freedom, it also means you’re solely responsible for getting work done and managing your money. From paying quarterly estimated taxes to …

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Travel the world
how to set up a vpn

How to Set Up a VPN: A Beginner’s Guide

What is a VPN, and how do I get one? This question is common among remote workers who are looking for an extra layer of internet security or are working out of the country for the first time. Unless you’re required by work to use a VPN, you might have heard this mysterious acronym but …

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