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If you’re considering working remotely, you might be worried you have to choose between location independence and a secure job with benefits. But if you get hired at one of these 29 work from home companies, you don’t have to sacrifice benefits and perks to work wherever you want.

In fact, the companies below rely on 100% distributed teams, and they encourage their employees to build fulfilling careers from anywhere in the world. And to support them along the way, they provide some incredible perks and benefits.

Many offer unlimited paid time off, and some have all-expense paid company retreats in exciting destinations. Plus, most come with a 401(k) with a company match to help you save for retirement, along with reimbursement for home office equipment and a coworking space.

If you’re looking for a steady, salaried job you can do from anywhere — while still enjoying the benefits that come with full-time work — check out if any of these forward-thinking companies are hiring.

Best work from home companies for your next remote job

All these work from home companies have an entirely remote team, with some employees working from countries all over the world. Learn more about each one below, and check out their career pages to see if any of these work from home companies are hiring.

Also, even though some of these companies are all about digital technology, that doesn’t mean they don’t hire in a variety of departments. Along with software engineering, you could find openings in human resources, marketing, project management, customer support, and more.

1. 10up

10up is an online company that offers consulting to other online companies — I know, so meta. They also provide engineering services and innovative tools and products.

Along with the freedom to work from your own home office, the company offers health insurance, 401(k) matching, paid time off, and a stipend for professional development.

Check out current openings here.

2. Aha!

Aha! develops product roadmap software, but you don’t have to be a software engineer to work there. Besides engineering, the company’s departments include customer success, marketing, operations, and product.

Aha! offers a generous compensation package including benefits, equity, and profit-sharing bonuses, fulfilling its stated mission: “We want you to be happy. Really happy.”

Check out Aha! job openings here.

3. Arkency

Arkency is a consulting agency that builds business software and creates books, webinars, podcasts, and a blog to educate programmers.

Although most of its employees are recruited, you can find out about opportunities by emailing

It looks for people who can write code and have experience with building software and automatic testing, as well as those who run an active blog.

4. Articulate

Articulate empowers learners around the globe with online learning and training apps. Along with healthcare and 401(k) matching, Articulate offers a $100 per month stipend for health and wellness, which could include anything from a gym membership to yoga classes to massages.

Find out more about joining the Articulate team here.

5. Automattic

The Automattic team are the people behind WordPress, Jetpack, and other online services, and their mission is to democratize publishing so anyone can tell their story (pretty cool).

If you get past the interview stage, you’ll be invited to join on a two- to six-week contract basis. If you make it to full-time, you’ll spend a few weeks doing customer support so you learn about customer needs (and at least a week every year after that to keep up the connection).

Along with getting to work anywhere, you’ll get insurance, reimbursement for home office equipment and a coworking space, and reimbursement for any company travel. Plus, Automattic encourages a two- to three-month sabbatical every five years.

Learn more about job openings here.

6. Buffer

Buffer works with over 8,000 business customers to provide a social media management platform. And it supports its remote employees with a laptop, learning stipend, free books and Kindle, stock options, and health insurance. Plus, you can meet the team once a year during one of Buffer’s international retreats.

Learn about Buffer’s open positions here (or join its mailing list to find out when more open up).

7. Doist

The Doist team collaborates across 18 time zones and 20 countries to “create tools that promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way to work and live,” including a productivity app and communication app.

Doist’s compensation package includes the works: coworking reimbursement, home internet reimbursement, continuing education stipend, paid parental leave, and other great perks.

Learn if you can join the Doist team here.

8. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar helps businesses grow with social media automation. Since the company is 100% remote, you can work from “the comfort of your home office, local coffee shop, or underground nuclear fallout shelter.”

Find more about building a career with MeetEdgar here.

9. Fire Engine RED

Fire Engine RED is a technology, marketing, and modeling solutions company that serves the education market. Most of its employees live across the U.S. and Canada.

The company offers generous benefits, including personalized one-on-one financial coaching.

Learn more about working at Fire Engine RED here.

10. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a leading job board for work from home positions, and its own team also operates entirely remotely. FlexJobs uses its own job board to post openings, so to learn about new positions, you’ll have to open an account with FlexJobs here (use code NOMAD for 30% off!).

11. Genuitec

Genuitec provides technology to web developers who create Java EE and web applications. If you know exactly what that means (unlike me), you might be a great candidate to join their fully telecommuting team.

Learn more here, and if you’re interested in joining the Genuitec team, email your resume to

12. GitLab

More than 100,000 organizations around the world use GitLab’s DevOps toolchain for project planning and other parts of their operations. The GitLab team is fully remote, though some positions require that you’re located in a certain time zone.

Find out more about GitLab’s openings, benefits, and culture here.

13. Groove

Groove offers customer support software to companies, and they seem to be doing pretty well, since I’ve answered “Groove tickets” at a few different companies I’ve worked for.

Along with competitive salaries and benefits, Groove offers a flexible vacation policy and workday schedule, saying, “We don’t count vacation days, and you’ll be measured by the work you get done, not the time you spend doing it.”

Find opportunities to join the Groove team here.

14. Harvest

Harvest provides time tracking software, and even though they’re headquartered in Manhattan, a lot of their team enjoys “working without borders.” Even those who live in NYC don’t go to the office every day.

Find out more about building your career with Harvest.

15. HotJar

HotJar provides comprehensive analytics and feedback so companies can understand how visitors find and use their websites. Although headquartered in Malta, the team is fully remote — and the benefits are pretty incredible. They include,

  • 40 vacation days each year
  • Two annual company retreats
  • €4,000 home office stipend
  • €2,000/year holiday budget
  • €2,000/year “working together” budget (in 2018)
  • €1,000/year personal development stipend
  • €200/month workspace allowance
  • €200/month wellness stipend
  • 16 weeks of paid parental leave
  • Free Fitbit
  • Free Kindle Paperwhite

And that’s just some of what they provide. (Side note: I kept the amounts in euros since conversion rates are fickle.)

Learn about job openings at HotJar here.

16. Hubstaff

Time tracking software company Hubstaff lets its employees work from wherever they’re most productive, whether that’s a “home office, co-working space, beach, train, plane, you name it.”

Hubstaff has several open positions as I’m writing this; find out what they are here.

17. InVision

InVision’s remote team provides a digital product design platform to help businesses provide great user experiences. Along with a competitive salary and options, the company provides health and wellness benefits and … drum roll, please … a coffee shop stipend. How cool is that?

Check out InVision jobs here.

18. Knack

Knack is a talent platform used by individuals, schools, and businesses across the globe. Its remote team enjoys all-expense paid retreats, unlimited vacation, and healthcare with 75% of the premiums covered.

Find out about how you could contribute to Knack’s mission here.

19. Scraping Hub

Web crawling and data science company Scraping Hub employs a globally distributed team of over 100 “scapinghubbers.” According to the company, “Open source is in our DNA, as is being 100% remote.”

Check out its job page for open positions.

20. Seeq

Although it’s headquartered in Seattle, Seeq is an entirely virtual company dedicated to data analytics. Along with a competitive salary, employees enjoy unlimited paid time off, company retreats, and stock options.

Find out about joining the Seeq team here.

21. Siege Media

Siege Media is a content marketing agency that creates search-driven content for more than 1 million people every month. While it has offices in Austin and San Diego, Siege Media also hires remote employees who can work from anywhere.

And it offers excellent benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance, unlimited paid time off, 401(k) matching, and a career development stipend of $1,000 per year.

Learn more about open positions at Siege Media here.

22. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a SaaS company with 80+ employees working remotely from 28 different countries. It provides a time tracking and productivity monitoring tool for remote teams and individuals.

They offer benefits like flexible schedules, paid vacation, health insurance, paid trainings, reimbursement for work travel, international retreats, sabbatical and more.

Check out job opportunities with Time Doctor here.

23. Toggl

Time tracking software company Toggl says, “We believe great people will make awesome stuff anywhere. New York, São Paulo, or a quiet village near Florence.”

If you want to join the team, look for job openings here.

24. Toptal

When you head to Toptal’s website, its team map shows employees working across the U.S., Europe, and world. At the time of writing, Toptal, a network of top freelancing software developers, designers, and finance experts, was hiring like crazy.

Find open jobs on its careers page here.

25. Tortuga

If you’re well-versed in the world of travel gear, you might be familiar with Tortuga’s award-winning backpacks. Besides producing high-quality bags, Tortuga promotes location independence, stating, “Location independence is the future” and “Work won’t be a place you go, but a thing you do. From anywhere.”

In addition to free gear (jealous!), Tortuga also offers comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance, a 4% 401(k) match, team retreats, and unlimited vacation.

Although the team is small, Tortuga’s Instagram shows that the company does hire every once in a while. Although there were no job openings at the time of writing, you can sign up to be notified about opportunities here.

26. Trello

Trello builds collaborative boards, lists, and cards that helps teams work together and organize their projects in a flexible way. The team is headquartered in New York and distributed all over the globe.

Check out openings at Trello here.

27. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is one of the most popular budgeting apps for people who want to take control of their personal finances. Employees are also encouraged to take control of their personal lives, as they can live anywhere they want when they join the YNAB team.

Plus, they enjoy health insurance with 100% of the premiums covered, a 3% 401(k) match, annual team retreats, and birthday and Christmas presents selected right off their personal “bucket lists.”

If You Need a Job along with a budget, learn how to join the YNAB team here.

28. Your Best Digs

Your Best Digs spends hours testing and reviewing home and lifestyle products so you don’t have to. It provides detailed recommendations of products, typically spending 40 hours or more researching and writing a single article.

This review service, which is owned by Siege Media, also relies on an entirely distributed team. Head to the website to learn about open positions.

29. Zapier

Zapier’s employees work all over the world to provide automation across web apps. While the team of 150 is spread across 15 time zones and 17 countries, they stay in touch with apps like Slack and GoToMeeting.

Besides letting you work from wherever you want, Zapier provides sweet benefits, including a 4% 401(k) match, unlimited vacation, profit-sharing bonuses, and company retreats to cool destinations twice per year.

Learn more about Zapier and check out job openings here.

Are these work from home companies hiring?

Many of the work from home companies on this list are actively hiring, so check out their careers pages for openings.

Besides going directly to company websites, you can also stay up to date through job boards like We Work Remotely and Remote OK.

If you’re on the job hunt — or just curious to learn what’s out there — check out this list of the most useful websites to find a work from home job.