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Hi, I'm Rebecca

I’m a digital marketer and blogger who has worked with top-notch blogging businesses. One blog I worked for recently got sold for $60 million!

Over my career, I’ve learned that making money blogging isn’t an impossible dream. There’s a tried-and-true blueprint to make it happen.

But when you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get pulled in a million different directions. You’re not sure what to do or what to work on first.

Based on my experience, I can help you focus on the things that will grow your blog and income fast (and ignore the rest).

I’ve always been that girl scribbling in a notebook. I was an English major in college and loved writing.

But I couldn’t figure out how to turn writing into my full-time job for years. I felt stuck in office jobs and knew there had to be something more. 

When I discovered blogging, it was like a lightbulb went off. There was a way to combine my love for writing with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Blogging is an incredible path if you love writing and want to take control of your life and career. 

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Start that money-making blog you've always wanted

Blogging lets you share your writing with the world while helping people solve problems. If you take the right steps, you can turn blogging into your full-time job.

I used the strategies I learned as a digital marketer to grow my personal blog to 50,000 organic monthly views per month within a year, all while working a full-time job.

I’ve also had articles published in USA Today, U.S. News, CBS News, Business Insider, MarketWatch, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, and more.

My success in the blogging world has allowed me to work from countries like Thailand, Spain, and Mexico. I’m no longer tied down to office life. I can develop my career exactly how I want it.

My Recipe for Success

Why most bloggers fail...

You might be scared to start a blog because you think it will fail. It’s true, a lot of bloggers work hard without making money. 

But that’s because they’re treating their blog like a hobby, instead of the business that it is. 

There are tried-and-true strategies for building a lasting blogging business that makes you passive income on autopilot. 

How do I know about these strategies? Well, I’ve worked in digital marketing for years, learning from the best and brightest about how to blog and make money online. 

Now, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing trade secrets on how to blog like an entrepreneur and get results fast. 

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