25 Most Effective Anti-Procrastination Apps for Laser-Sharp Focus

Why do tomorrow what you could do the day after tomorrow? Sadly, that mantra isn’t so helpful when you’ve got a work from home job. When you’re remote, it’s entirely up to you to structure your schedule and get stuff done. You’ll be need to be self-directed and self-motivated, and you’ll need strategies for beating the […]

home office tech essentials

Everything You Need to Build the Perfect Ergonomic Home Office

With thousands of options out there, finding the best home office desks, chairs, and other equipment is no easy feat. Having worked remotely for the past five years, I’ve slowly but surely put together a home workspace that helps me be productive, happy, and healthy. To help you do the same, I’ve compiled …

7 Working From Home Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Working from home has freed up my time in lots of amazing ways. I can work when I’m most productive, set my own schedule, and even run those annoying errands during the week that everyone else is doing on the weekend (no more waiting in line at the post office or …

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7 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy as a Remote Worker

If you work remotely, chances are you spend a lot of time behind a computer screen. And while this setup can be ideal for achieving work-life balance, it’s not always the best for your physical health. Fortunately, working from home means you have the power to …

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What Career Is Right for Me? These 9 Questions Will Reveal Your Answer

When I was in 10th grade, I took a career aptitude test. After hundreds of multiple choice questions, I pressed submit to see my results. According to the test, my perfect job was … drumroll, please …. cryptologist. Naturally, my first question was, what’s a cryptologist? Well, apparently…

What Is Student Loan Refinancing, and How Could It Save You Money?

Are student loans getting in the way of your dream to travel the world? Although there’s no easy way to get rid of your student loans, there is a useful strategy for saving money on them: student loan refinancing. I refinanced my student loans a few years ago, and was able to shave years off […]

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How to Improve Your Credit Score Fast in 7 Easy Steps

As a frequent traveler, I’m a big fan of my travel rewards credit cards. Every time I make a purchase, I earn back rewards points that I can use toward my next trip. Last winter, I was able to take an impromptu trip to Tulum, Mexico on points alone…

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Where to Exchange Money When You Travel, Ranked From Best to Worst

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably seen those Travelex kiosks at airports all around the world. They say they have the best currency exchange rates, but is the airport really the best place to exchange your money when you’re traveling abroad? …