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New technology is developing at a breakneck pace, and with it comes new tools for growing your business. One of these cutting-edge tools is AI voice generators.

This software uses artificial intelligence to convert text into speech. Most AI voice generators create a synthetic voice based off recordings of human voices. You can then use this audio in videos, ads, games or other content.

In fact, many companies are already using AI voice generation: According to Statista, people around the world used 4.2 billion digital voice assistants in 2020, and this number is predicted to reach 8.4 billion by 2024.

Keep reading to learn what to look for in the best AI voice generators, along with my recommendations for the top five tools available today. 

What to look for in the best AI voice generators

A good starting point when choosing the best AI voice generator is figuring out which features are most important to you. If you’re new to the world of AI voice generation, you’ll want a tool that’s beginner friendly.

Second, consider what kind of voice you want on your website. You might look for a software that offers the most natural sound or has the biggest range of different voices. Plus, you might want a tool that supports multiple languages.

Consider the quality of pronunciation as well, as you don’t want mispronunciations on your business website or blog. You might also look for a tool with grammar assistance add-ons or post-production editing features. 

Finally, consider your price range when choosing AI voice generator software. Some AI voice generators are better for individual content creators or smaller companies, while others have enterprise pricing for larger corporations. 

By considering all these factors, you can select the best AI voice generator for your needs. 

5 best AI voice generators

To save you some time and research, I checked out the best AI voice generators available today. Here are my top picks, along with their features and pricing. 


best ai voice generator is a popular choice among small and medium businesses. It uses an online AI voice generator, along with voices from giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM to generate voices. Big companies like AOL, Verizon, United Nations and COMCAST have used AI voice generation on their websites. 

If you want to check it out, offers a free trial for new users. Even without signing up for the trial, you can play with this tool on the website (you can change the sample text and voices) to get a feel for how it works. 


  • has an ever-growing library of over 570 voices.
  • It covers over 60 languages and accents.
  • The software offers expressive emotional speaking style, so the voiceover can be more engaging and less robotic.
  • There is a lot of room for fine-tuning. You can change the pitch, rate, emphasis and pauses, and even define how the AI will pronounce some words.


cost of ai voice generator

Apart from the free trial, there are four packages you can pick from – Personal, Professional, Growth and Business, depending on your needs. You can pay monthly, but you also save 25% by opting for a yearly plan.

On the annual plan, the Personal plan costs $14.25 per month, the Professional one costs $29.25 per month, the Growth plan is $74.25 per month and the Business plan is $149.25 per month.

Best for: has a huge variety of uses depending on the plan you get. If you’re a blogger, you might go for the personal or professional plans, but a small business would be better suited to the growth and business plans.

2. Murf

ai voice generators

While Murf’s home page looks minimalist, its simple design hides a powerful tool with a huge range of uses. This software has creators in mind, whether you are working in a creative, corporate, or entertainment industry. Its AI voice generator is used by product developers, educators and podcasters alike.

With a library of over 110 voice in 15 languages, Murf lets you adjust pitches, emphasis and punctuation when creating your AI voice. An integrated grammar assistant will also help you bring your text to life easier and faster.


  • The library of over 110 voices in over 15 languages is always changing and expanding.
  • Murf can help turn your home voice recordings into a professional AI voiceover.
  • The integrated grammar assistant can help you fine-tune your script. 
  • You can add video, music and images to your project for a more thorough experience.


how much does murf cost

Murf offers a variety of plans, including a completely free option. On the free plan, you can play with the tool and try all the voices for 10 minutes of voice generation, but you don’t have the option to download them as voiceovers.

Murf’s paid plans include a Basic, Pro and Enterprise plan, which you can buy on a monthly or a yearly basis. If you opt for the annual plan, you’ll save 33%.

When purchased annually, the Basic plan costs $13 per month, the Pro plan is $26 per month and the Enterprise plan is $83 per month.

Best for:

Murf is a tool that can help cover all your needs. While bigger businesses will do well with the Enterprise plan, small and midsize businesses will be fine with the Pro plan. Meanwhile, content creators can use the Basic plan, which comes with a big library at a low cost.

3. Lovo

ai voice generators

Lovo is another tool worth checking out on this list of the best AI voice generators. Its target audience seems to be creators – marketers, animators, and gamers, for example – or anyone who wants to “wow their audience.”

With over 80,000 people in 41 countries using it, this AI voice generator is boasting some impressive numbers. Users have made over 7 million voiceovers with Lovo’s 180 voice skins (aka, vocal avatars), which are available in 33 languages.


  • Lovo claims to have a unique voice collection, with over 180 voice skins in 33 languages. They all have unique traits to fit your content. Plus, Lovo is adding more voices on a monthly basis.
  • You can also create a customized voice skin by using Lovo’s voice cloning technology. It only takes about 15 minutes of a target voice to create your own.


how much does lovo ai voice generator cost

Lovo offers three plans – one of which is free, but only intended for personal use. It also has Personal and Freelancer plans, which come with commercial rights and other perks as well.

Lovo offers 50% off for the first 12 months. Opting for this annual plan will cost you $17.49 per month for the Personal plan and $49.99 per month for the Freelancer plan.

Best for:

Lovo tends to be best for content creators, such as bloggers, marketers and freelancers, but it can also be useful for businesses. Whether you are a YouTuber or a blogger, a marketer or creating a corporate training, you can use Lovo to elevate the experience for your audience.

4. Synthesia

ai voice generator

Synthesia’s AI voice and video generation software helps you create videos without actors, microphones, or a recording studio. You can use Synthesia to make videos right in your browser.

Big companies like Nike, Google and BBC are using this groundbreaking tool. You can check out my in-depth Synthesia review to learn more.


  • Synthesia lets you input text to create a video. It has 50 built-in presenters, but you can also make your own custom AI avatar.
  • The tool supports over 40 languages.
  • You can combine multiple videos into one, and add background music, images, and shapes to your presentation. 


how much does synthesia ai cost

Synthesia comes with two plans, the Personal plan, which costs $30 per month, and the Corporate plan, which has custom pricing depending on your needs.

Best for:

Synthesia is great for small and big companies alike. The scaling plan helps you manage your budget while still meeting your needs. You can use this AI video tool for corporate communications, as well as marketing or product walkthrough videos.


ai voice generator

While Synthesia helps you create video and voice, Resemble AI is focused on AI voice generation. This company claims to “supercharge your synthetic voice” to boost your listeners’ experience when they’re browsing your content. Resemble AI is one of the most versatile AI voice generators out there, thanks to over a million audio files on its platform.


  • Its voice cloning technology can help you build your own AI voice, which you can do in various languages.
  • You can use Resemble AI to give your brand the right synthetic voice.
  • The company also works on stopping the use of fake audio for malicious purposes and “deepfakes.”


how much does cost

Resemble AI offers a free trial. You can also request a demo on its website.

It offers three premium packages as well, with costs that vary based on the number of characters you have. For 100,000 characters (around 2 hours of audio), for example, you’ll pay $30 per month.

Resemble AI also offers Build and Enterprise packages, with costs that vary depending on your needs.

Best for:

You can use Resemble AI in blogs, call centers and advertisement, as well as in the gaming industry due to its Unity integration.

AI voice generator FAQ

Now that you’ve read over my recommendations for the best AI voice generators, you might have some additional questions about this new technology. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

Can AI generate voices?

This might sound straight out of a futuristic horror movie to some people, but yes – AI can generate voices. Some of the AI voice generators mentioned above even have a “create your own voice” tool, which can help you generate the right sound for you or your company.

How do AI voice generators create voices?

The voices AI voice generators make are based on real voice actors. The actors give their consent to have their likeness preserved using AI. Then, the tool creates a synthetic voice based on (but not usually identical to) these real human voices. Companies license these AI voices and use them to convert text into audio. 

Can you clone someone’s voice?

Cloning a voice is possible, but it typically requires huge amounts of data. This is also a costly process and usually requires a specialist for post-production editing. Instead of copying a single voice, AI voice generators typically use smaller recordings of multiple voices to create a new, unique synthetic voice.