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A computer monitor is an important investment when you work from home, as you’ll be using it on a daily basis. But figuring out which screen to purchase can be stressful with seemingly endless options to choose from. To help you find the right fit, we’ve collected the best computer monitors for home offices.

Read on for our top picks, including screens with 4K resolution for photographers and bargain buys for a no-frills but dependable work space.

1. Best ergonomic computer monitor for your home office: HP 24mh FHD Monitor

best computer monitors for home office

Price: $109.99

One of the worst-kept secrets in the industry, this monitor has over 20,000 reviews from loyal customers who swear the HP is the best computer monitor for work. The HP is built for productivity and comfort with a huge range of customizable options for every user, including height adjustment, a tiltable screen, and automatic low blue light settings. This monitor can even be rotated for vertical viewing.

A 23.8-inch display with a slim bezel allows for panoramic views and consistent color and image quality from every angle. There are also a range of ports for easily connecting to all your other devices in just minutes, as well as built-in speakers.

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2. Best budget buy: Acer SB20Q bi 21.5-inch Full HD

best computer monitors for home office

Price: ($93.99)

Another fan favorite with over 19,000 Amazon reviews, this monitor comes with a variety of features rivaling the most competitive and expensive brands on the market. This widescreen is designed to be a lightweight space-saver at just 0.24-inches deep, making it one of the best computer monitors for a home office.

It is virtually frameless for a wide-screen, unhindered experience, and boasts vivid, consistent colors. Each monitor has a matte screen to decrease glare and protect your eyes from strain.

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3. Best ultra-wide monitor: LG Full HD IPS UltraWide Monitor

best computer monitors for home office

Price: ($149.99)

With an aspect ratio of 21:9, this monitor is ideal for providing an organized workspace for when you need to multitask, or for when you have several documents pulled up at once. The ultra-wide screen space doesn’t compromise on image quality with its crisp 1080p resolution across all viewing angles (and vivid colors).

This screen is also equipped with Screen Split 2.0, which offers 14 different options for displaying several windows simultaneously. Hands down one of the best computer monitors for work, the LG offers increased space and easily customizable settings for multi-tasking.

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4. Best portable computer monitor: Lepow 15.6-inch Full HD

best computer monitors for home office

Price: $188.98

If you’re struggling with a rotating work schedule with days in and out of the office, this lightweight, portable monitor is for you. At just under 2 pounds, this monitor is small enough for easy transportation, but has the full range of functions needed to get you through the work day.

This versatile monitor has screen use eye protection to guard against eye strain, 1080p resolution, built-in speakers, and several ports for connecting to other monitors and devices. A screen protector paired with a leather cover protects against any damage during trips to and from the office. The handy cover also folds back into a stand.

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5. Best 4k resolution monitor: Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q 27-inch Monitor

best computer monitors for home office

Price: $589.99

This 4k resolution monitor is ideal for looking at pages of small text, photography, or other creative design work. You’ll find that images and text are crystal clear on this one. The screen displays over 1.07 billion colors for unmatched bright and vivid imagery.

A thin bezel and Dell’s Universal Pairing are perfect for setting up multiple monitors with no distracting gaps. The “easy arrange” function also provides the option to pull up multiple documents at the same time.

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6. Best curved monitor: Philips 346B1C UltraWide 34-Inch Monitor

best computer monitors for home office

Price: $466.99

Users who make the switch to a curved monitor vow they will never revert back to flat-screen monitors again. Curved monitors are designed to better fit the shape of the human eye by keeping distance from the screen universal from end to end. As a result, there’s less strain on the eyes while working. The curve also promotes visibility in your periphery.

The Philips monitor’s 21:9 aspect ratio provides all the space you need, while not requiring the back-and-forth scanning of a flat ultra-wide screen. The MultiClient Integrated KVM switch allows you to control two computers at once. In fact, it has a button for easily switching between the two. This monitor also comes with LowBlue Mode, tilt, swivel, and height adjustments for maximum comfort.

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7. Best monitor for dual monitor setup: BenQ 24-inch IPS Monitor

best computer monitor

Price: $119.99

This monitor’s slim bezel design and integrated cable management system make for an uninterrupted, clean screen space perfect for pairing with a second monitor. The BenQ also includes eye care settings that will come in handy if you’re looking at several screens all day.

Low blue light, zero-flicker technology, and brightness intelligence technology will decrease strain on the eyes. Computer monitor-induced eye strain can cause headaches, blurred vision, and disruptive sleep patterns. It’s helpful to use a monitor that’s easy on your eyes.

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Choosing the best computer monitor for your home office

With countless 5-star reviews, high-functioning features, and mid-range pricing, you can’t go wrong with buying any of these best computer monitors for your home office. A quality monitor can impact not just your productivity and the quality of your work, but also your health, sleep, and energy levels.

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