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Cryptocurrency tax software makes tax preparation for cryptocurrency far easier than it was just a few years ago. Thanks to these smart platforms, individuals can track and manage their investments and earnings, as well as keep track of any deductible expenses or business invoices. In fact, the best crypto tax software can automate the tax filing process so you don’t have much work to do when tax season rolls around.

With so many different options available these days, it can be tough to decide which program is right for your needs. The best crypto tax software will integrate with your exchanges and any other tax software you use, as well as offer the level of bandwidth and security you need. To help you sort through your options, we’ve ranked and reviewed seven of the top crypto tax software platforms available today. 

7 Best Crypto Tax Software 

Without further ado, here are our recommendations for the best crypto tax software for individuals and businesses. 

1. Koinly – #1 Overall Pick for Individuals and Organizations

Koinly is a one-stop-shop, making it an all-around-best crypto tax software for many crypto currency holders. It is a popular crypto tax software service among individual investors who want to file their taxes with ease, as well as pros who need something with high bandwidth. Its user-friendly interface and importing, reporting, and tracking tools make tax preparation easy. You can connect your exchanges and wallets using read-only API keys and CSV files.

The Koinly platform supports all major exchanges and wallets in 20 different countries and over 300 different types of cryptocurrency transactions. Koinly also offers a mobile app so you can track your portfolio on the go. When it’s time to file, you can finish everything quickly and easily.


  • Available in 20 countries
  • 300+ exchanges
  • Educational resources with tax tips
  • User-friendly
  • Upload CSV. or API connect
  • Smart matching automatically filters transfer
  • Fast software
  • Affordable yet robust 


  • Free plan for 10,000 transactions
  • $49/year for 100 transactions
  • $99/per year for 1,000 transactions
  • $179/per year for 10,000+ transactions

2. BearTax – Best for Detailed Calculations and Reports


Bear Tax is based in the U.S. but also supports crypto users in other countries. Plus, it integrates with most major tax prep software. One of the best things about Bear Tax is that it’s intuitive and its “smart matching” feature helps you match transfers across exchanges. You simply download your transaction history from and upload it to Bear Tax.

You can use Bear Tax to calculate your capital gains and losses, track your cost basis, and even generate IRS-ready tax reports. This software supports over 50 exchanges.


  • Long-term reports for invoices and transactions
  • Unlimited exchanges
  • Connect with support through social media/live chat
  • Highly rated by traders and fund managers
  • Inexpensive paid offering
  • Streamlined TurboTax integration
  • Easy sharing options


  • $49/year 2,000 transactions
  • $149/year 25,000 transactions
  • $499/year 1 million lifetime transactions

3. ZenLedger – Best Mix of Affordability and Function

Here is another all-in-one crypto tax software with a user-friendly interface and fast software. ZenLedger is highly rated by over 50,000 users. It’s one of the best crypto tax software programs because it offers a wide range of features at a reasonable price point. Designed for accurate tax filing to protect you from overpaying, ZenLedger is known for being fast and intuitive.

The free version gives you a chance to try it before you buy it, making it a good introduction for crypto tax software newbies. Additionally, the website has lots of resources and support is very responsive. You can get help 24/7 by live chat, phone, or email.


  • Integrates with 400+ exchanges 
  • Extensive storage space and spreadsheet to back up transaction history
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Reliable customer service
  • Add-ons and consultations with experts
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Automatically calculates crypto gains and losses


  • $49/year 25 for transactions
  • $399/year for 100 transactions
  • $149/year for 5,000 transactions
  • $399/year for 15,000 transactions

4. TaxBit – Best for Organizations and Municipalities

TaxBit is a popular choice among larger organizations. It’s used by government agencies and enterprises that need to follow strict regulations to maintain compliance.

TaxBit has a team of CPAs and tax attorneys to help you with your taxes. Municipalities and enterprises rely on it because it integrates well with existing tax software systems. Having said all that, it’s also a good choice for diligent traders who want real human experts to guide them through the process rather than full automation.


  • Soc2 Certificated company
  • Dedicated concierge and product support for pro plan
  • Extensible – can be tailored to very specific use cases
  • Financial advice and resources
  • Team of CPAs and Consultants
  • Smart calculation tools
  • Support for every type of digital asset


  • $50/year for basic
  • $175/year for plus
  • $500/year for pro

5. TokenTax – Best for CPAs Who Need High Bandwidth

TokenTax is a great choice for individuals, businesses, and CPAs who need robust software and extra help from human experts. This crypto tax software offers serious investors and CPAs a comprehensive set of tools to accurately file their taxes.

This software helps you transfer your data quickly and has add-ons that provide in-depth analysis and support. Like TaxBit, TokenTax is made by pros and designed for pros. It stands out for its ability to organize a massive amount of transactions and data.


  • Real-time tax liability tracking  
  • Support for every single tax form available
  • Run by an accounting firm with dedicated experts at your disposal
  • Streamlines tedious, complex processes (i.e. compliance across agencies)
  • Supports a high number of transactions
  • Auto-generated reports


  • $65/year for basic
  • $199/year for premium
  • $799/year for pro
  • $3,499/year for VIP

6. CryptoTax Calculator – Best For Precise Crypto Tax Calculations

CryptoTax Calculator is the best crypto tax software if you want a detailed breakdown of your income. It considers airdrops, mining, and ICO participation and will streamline the tax calculation process by connecting directly to your exchange information, classifying transaction history, and processing data to generate tax reports based on its assessment.

It integrates with hundreds of exchanges and allows you to easily compute profit and VAT. CryptoTax Calculator is especially useful for Defi and NFT advice and helps you keep track of capital gains as well as taxes.


  • Integrates with over 500 platforms
  • Tracks all assets
  • Detailed reports for all fiscal years
  • User-friendly and easy to understand
  • Local tax forms for 21 countries
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Optimized for Defi, NFT, and DEX traders


  • $49/year for 100 transactions
  • $99/year for 1,000 transactions
  • $189/year for 10,000 transactions
  • $299/year for 100,000 transactions

7. Bitcoin Taxes – Best for Organizations Who Need Turnkey Service

Bitcoin Taxes offers comprehensive services to professionals, organizations, and investors who need a turnkey solution.

This platform really shines when it comes to consultations and accounting services. One feature that stands out is the audit defense system. When the IRS comes knocking, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your taxes are in order.

If you’re brand new to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Taxes simplifies the process of investing. It’s a powerful resource for people who want to dip their toes into the world of cryptocurrency and learn the ropes.


  • Audit defense feature
  • Easy-to-generate detailed reports
  • Integrates with major tax preparation platforms like TurboTax and TaxACT
  • CSV and API imports
  • Comprehensive list of services
  • Consultations with experts


  • Free for 20 transactions
  • $39.95 for 1,000 transactions
  • $49.95 for 5,000 transactions
  • $59.95 for 10,000 transactions

  • $129/year for 50,000 transactions
  • $189/year for 100,000 transactions
  • $249/year for 250,000 transactions
  • $379/year for 500,000 transactions
  • $499/year for 1 million transactions
  • Bespoke pricing for unlimited transactions

What to Look for in the Best Crypto Tax Software

Along with essential features such as linking transactions to statements and ensuring compliance with tax rules, there are a few other important factors to consider when choosing the best crypto tax software, including: 

Ease of use

Cryptocurrency can be complicated enough – your tax software shouldn’t add to the confusion. Look for a platform with a clean interface and straightforward navigation.


If you have questions or run into problems, you’ll want to know that help is readily available. Look for software with excellent customer support.


Some crypto tax software integrates with popular exchanges, wallets, and traditional tax software, making it easier to track your transactions. If you use multiple platforms, look for software that can accommodate all of your needs.


If you trade frequently or hold multiple cryptocurrencies, you’ll need software that can track your gains and losses. It’s important to have a long history as well to identify patterns and optimize your strategies.


When it comes time to file your taxes, you’ll need software that can generate the necessary reports. Look for software that can create both simple and complex reports, as well as export them in a variety of formats.


Some crypto tax software requires you to upload your transaction history, which can take up a lot of time and bandwidth. If you have a large number of transactions, make sure the software you choose can handle the load.


When you’re dealing with your finances, it’s important to choose a reputable, reliable platform. Look for software that has been around for a while and has a good reputation among users. Check the reviews from current customers.


Your personal financial information is sensitive, so you’ll want to make sure it’s well-protected. Look for software with robust security features, like two-factor authentication and data encryption.

Add-ons and extras

Some crypto tax software comes with extra features like portfolio tracking and tax loss harvesting. If you’re looking for more than just tax preparation, these extras can be a valuable addition.

Your crypto exchange

Not every software connects with every exchange. If you have a specific exchange you want to use, make sure the software you choose can connect to it.

Best Crypto Tax Software FAQ

Still have questions about the best crypto tax software? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

What crypto tax software should I choose?

It depends on what you need. Our top crypto tax software recommendation is Koinly, because it’s a great fit for many investors, but if you have a lot of cryptocurrency transactions, you might want to check TokenTax or Bitcoin Taxes.

  • TokenTax is great for handling complex transactions and keeping track of a large number of invoices and transactions.
  • ZenLedger is very reliable and has strong customer support. It’s good for crypto investors who need something easy but comprehensive.
  • Bitcoin Taxes is a good fit for large enterprises and pros who want to consult with professionals or pay for extra services like data management.
  • CryptoTax Calculator is great for detailed reports if you want to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb.
  • BearTax works well for traders who are looking for an affordable way to manage their portfolios across exchanges quickly.
  • TaxBit can be a good fit for professionals and attorneys who want a firm of experts to deal with complex regulations and compliance issues on a regular basis.

Do I need to file my taxes if I only made crypto-to-crypto trades?

Yes, even if you didn’t cash out any of your cryptocurrencies, you may still be liable for taxes. This is because the IRS typically views cryptocurrencies as property, not currency. That means every time you buy, sell, or trade crypto, you have to report it on your taxes. This also means that if you lose money on a transaction, you can deduct it from your taxes.

What do I need to know about crypto taxes?

First, you need to know how to track your crypto transactions. The basics are the same as traditional taxes. You need to know how to label expenses and comply with tax rules. You need to know how to compute your taxes. But there are a few key differences when it comes to crypto taxes to be aware of, as well.

Is crypto tax software accurate?

All the software platforms we mentioned are accurate and detailed. However, like anything that has to do with finance, you need to do your due diligence. Read reviews, compare pricing, and make sure the software you choose has features that fit your needs.

How do I organize my crypto taxes?

If you go the DIY route, crypto tax software will automate everything for you. We recommend using a platform like Koinly or ZenLedger. Alternatively or hire a tax professional to help. You can also do your taxes manually, but you might find it difficult, time-consuming, and more prone to errors.