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No one is born knowing how to become financially independent. Fortunately, there are expert FIRE (financial independence, retire early) bloggers showing us how to save and invest our way to a financially secure future. 

These bloggers share the same goal — to save enough money so they can quit their job early — but their paths to achieving this goal all look different. 

If you’d like to carve a path to financial independence and early retirement, read on for 11 of the best FIRE blogs leading the charge in this inspiring movement. 

11 best FIRE blogs to learn about financial independence 

Here are the best FIRE blogs to check out for information and inspiration for your finances and lifestyle

1. Mr. Money Mustache 

mr money mustache

Mr. Money Mustache is one of the most prominent figures in the FIRE movement (and it may or may not have anything to do with his mustache). Pete Adeney started his blog in 2011 based on the philosophy that money doesn’t buy happiness and living within your means can save you tens of thousands of dollars each year. 

How does Mr. Money Mustache do it? He retired before he started his blog, which now generates income. But today he still typically lives off the same $2,000 to $3,000 per month budget he set at the start of his retirement.

This is probably the best FIRE blog for practical advice that lays out a path to early retirement through smart financing, passive income, and frugality. Overall, his message is about controlling your spending and living within your means.

You’ll learn ways to save thousands of dollars a year from simple changes like riding a bike to work instead of driving a car or forgoing air conditioning. You’ll also find lots of tips and advice about financial matters like taxes and investing. 

2. Mad Fientist

mad fientist

If you’re not sure where to begin when tracking down the best FIRE blogs, the Mad Fientist is a good place to start. Along with publishing his own content, the Mad Fientist interviews and shares the advice of the most successful FIRE gurus. 

Along with blog content, the Mad Fientist also hosts podcasts, during which he likes to “dissect the brains of some of the most well-respected scientists in the field to discover their techniques and strategies for achieving financial independence.”

His podcasts, in fact, have featured some of the other bloggers on this list of the best FIRE blogs! You can find plenty of personal success stories and tools like money calculators, spreadsheets, travel hacking apps, and online business tools on the Mr. Money Mustache blog. 

3. Rich & Regular

financial independence retire early

Julien and Kiersten Saunders were corporate professionals with a nice house, two cars, and plenty of debt. One day they realized that they were working all the time just to keep up with their loan payments and not really enjoying life. So they decided to take matters into their own hands.

In five years, they paid off over $200,000 in debt, quit their high-stress corporate jobs, and took control of their finances. Their FIRE blog is part inspirational, part relatable, and part masterclass in personal finance.

The honest advice found on Rich & Regular can help you prioritize your goals, have honest discussions about money with your loved ones, and bring in more cash without wasting time and energy. 

4. How to FIRE

how to become financially independent

How to FIRE is owned by John and Sam, who describe themselves as, “Personal finance nerds who paid off over $60,000 in debt and reached Coast FI by 25!” (Coast FI describes the point at which you have enough in your retirement account so you no longer have to keep making contributions to retire comfortably.)

If you like how-to manuals and step-by-step walkthroughs, you’ll want to check out How to FIRE. The blog jumps right into a 12-chapter outline on how to become financially independent, and it has a bunch of tools to help you earn, save, manage, and invest money. There are also extras you can buy at the shop, including calendars and budget planners.

John and Sam’s website is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. If you live with a partner and want to get straight into tactics, How to FIRE might be the best FIRE blog for you.  

5. A Purple Life
a purple life

A Purple Life was started in 2015 by an anonymous marketing and advertising professional who wanted to share her story and resources with others to help them achieve financial freedom. 

This blogger posts once a week on everything about personal finance, including articles on specific topics like finances in relationships, health insurance plans, and investing. Each article is well researched and easy to understand yet still informative and insightful. 

6. Financial Samurai

how to be financially independent

Financial Samurai is an inspirational blog that provides tools you can use to get ahead of the money game. The site is run by Sam Dogen, who has firsthand experience with financial loss. In 2009, he lost more than a quarter of his net worth. Despite this setback, he was able to bounce back and retire early in 2012.

Dogen is another important figure in the FIRE movement who stresses that for most of us, sacrifice is essential for financial independence. He believes that you can set yourself up for a bright future by making small sacrifices now. 

The blog provides practical advice on saving, investing, retirement planning, and generating passive income. This FIRE blog, which gets over one million visitors per month, is a shining example of how to make money blogging.

7. Frugalwoods

financially independent

The Frugal Woods FIRE blog is a must-read for anyone interested in financial independence. It’s full of reader case studies and examples of how to save on everything from healthcare to housing. The blog is a goldmine of information for those looking to get their finances in order. 

If you are motivated by inspirational success stories, it’s hard not to be moved by the couple behind Frugalwoods. Liz and Nate never imagined they would be living their dream life on a homestead in Vermont. But in 2014, they decided to leave their 9 to 5 jobs and the plunge and buy a sixty-six-acre piece of land in rural Vermont. 

Three years later, they were thriving on their little piece of paradise in the woods. Although frugality is an important part of their message, the main takeaways from this FIRE blog are strategies to control your money and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. 

8. ChooseFI

financially independent

ChooseFI provides common sense lessons that anyone can follow with a simple, no-nonsense approach. This FIRE blog contains a wealth of information on personal finance, and it’s filled with easy-to-follow lessons and straightforward ways to take control of your money and gain financial independence. 

Brad Barret, Jonathan Mendoza, and CEO Edmund Tee are the brains behind the blog. The ChooseFI FIRE framework is built around spending less, earning more, and investing better. They spread their message with actionable tips on things like building your network, tax hacks, spending habits, and travel tips.  

Along with the blog, ChooseFI has several other resources and a large following on social media to connect you with other FIRE enthusiasts. 

9. Millennial Money

best fire blog

Grant Sabatier is the face of Millennial Money. In just five years, he went from having $2.26 in his bank account to a net worth of over $1.25 million. Millennial Money has content for those who want to invest, make more money, save more money, manage credit, or plan for retirement. 

Sabatier says that traditional advice about money, work, and retirement is outdated, but with the right strategies, you can be financially independent in your 30s or 40s. Millennial Money is all about branching out, buckling down, and getting the most out of your assets.

Some of the cornerstones of Sabatier’s philosophy include negotiating to get the best deals, traveling for less, saving money without sacrificing your happiness, and tapping into your creativity to make more money. 

10. Mr. Tako Escapes

fire blog

In 2001, when Mr. Tako was in college, he hatched a plan to retire early. With careful planning and perseverance, he reached his goal 11 years later in 2015 at the age of 38. 

Mr. Tako never pursued any get-rich-quick schemes. Instead, he focused on building a solid financial foundation through his career, smart investments, and disciplined saving.

In his own words, he writes, “I didn’t inherit any money. I didn’t sell a business for millions. I earned it the ‘hard way,’ one day at a time, one penny at a time — making smart financial decisions, and not following the crowd.”

This FIRE blog focuses on personal finance, saving money, investing, and working a side hustle. There are plenty of advice-driven posts, but this blog is heavy on personal, inspirational tales of Mr. Tako’s own path to FIRE and passive income.

Many of the articles and resources are especially useful if you’re interested in investing. 

11. Early Retirement Extreme

financially independent retire early blog

Crowdsourcing advice is what powers Early Retirement Extreme, and its forum-based format is a throwback to its 2007 inception. This FIRE site aims to help you become financially independent in just five years.

The site consists of a blog, a forum, a wiki, and an ebook. Early Retirement Extreme’s main principles are that savings determine how many years it takes to achieve financial independence and that it’s easier to decrease expenses than to increase income. 

Whether or not you agree with this take, you might find some useful advice for cutting your expenses on Early Retirement Extreme. 

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