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If there was a secret to landing a job, it would be networking. According to LinkedIn, a whopping 85% of all jobs are filled via networking.

But for many, networking is easier said than done. If you’re hoping to make new connections but aren’t sure where to start, these seven networking apps can be a game changer.

7 best networking apps for job seekers

Networking apps work sort of like dating apps, except without all the weird pressure. Through these apps, you can match with professionals online or in your area who work in your target industry or are interested in meeting like-minded professionals.

Depending on your goals, some networking apps may be a better fit than others. Some apps facilitate face-to-face meetings, for example, while others simply let you message online with other professionals.

But no matter what you’re looking for, these apps are sure to help you grow your network and boost your career.

1. LinkedIn

  • Best All-Around Networking App
  • Free / Premium Starting at $59.99 a month
  • iOS and Android

LinkedIn is hands down the most widely known professional networking site. With over 500 million members, this platform has become a staple in the job seeking and networking arena.

With LinkedIn, you can manage your professional image, build relationships, access valuable insights, connect with professionals in your area or industry, and apply for jobs.

Many companies now utilize LinkedIn’s one-click apply, which auto fills in the candidate’s information based on their LinkedIn profile.

Job seekers are also able to see how they compare to other candidates who’ve applied and are given suggestions on what keywords they should integrate into their application.

2. Shapr

  • Best for Meeting New Contacts in Your Area
  • Free
  • iOS and Android

Shapr is very similar to dating apps in that each user swipes left or right on prospects. Think of it as the Tinder of networking.

You’ll set up your profile and add up to 10 interests. Each day you’ll be connected with as many as 15 people who have mutual interests.

The app filters potential candidates based on your goals, location, job title, interests, and industry. Whether you’re looking to get a new job, make friends, hire talent, or find mentors, this platform uses a machine-learning algorithm to connect you with the right people.

professional networking apps

3. Let’s Lunch

  • Best for Offline Networking (Over Lunch!)
  • Web
  • Free

Let’s Lunch is one of the networking apps like Shapr that helps you meet up with new connections in person. But instead of setting up individual appointments with people, you can join networking lunches, typically hosted by Let’s Lunch’s partner companies.

Let’s Lunch uses AI software to identify potential matches based on your availability, goals, and interests. With over 2,000 active companies hosting networking lunches, you can get your foot in the door by establishing a personal connection. Through Let’s Lunch events, you can find opportunities that aren’t even advertised online — now that’s an advantage!

4. Mixer

  • Best for Connecting with Creative Professionals
  • iOS and Web
  • Free

Mixer is the go-to networking tool for creative professionals. Clients post their job opportunities and Mixer uses machine-learning to connect them with talented professionals.

There is also a networking feature so creatives can connect with other creatives across the U.S. With a user base consisting of stylists, musicians, actors, creative directors, and others, Mixer is one of the best networking apps for creative professionals.

5. Bizzabo

  • Best For Meeting People at Conferences
  • iOS and Android
  • Free

Conferences are an amazing place to connect with professionals, but they can be intimidating. That’s where Bizzabo comes in. After connecting your LinkedIn account, you can search for upcoming conferences and see a list of attendees.

During the event, you can access the list of attendees and have the ability to see their LinkedIn profile and company information, as well as message them. You can send private messages to relevant people and ask them to meet up at the event.

You’ll build valuable relationships that will get you one step closer to finding the perfect job. Plus, you’ll probably have a much more enjoyable experience at the conference after making some new friends.

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6. 1Million Cups

  • Best for Meeting Other Entrepreneurs
  • iOS, Android, and Web
  • Free

With over 200+ communities, 1 Million Cups is one of the best business networking apps and a gold mine for connecting with other entrepreneurs and startups in your area. While this program was designed to educate and inspire entrepreneurs across the U.S., job seekers build solid relationships at locally hosted events.

Come prepared to a meetup with your elevator pitch on how you can bring value to a startup and you may even leave with a few leads on a job.

7. Bumble Bizz

  • Best for Meeting Up for Collaboration
  • iOS, Android, Web
  • Free

Bumble Bizz is the latest extension to the popular app, Bumble. Bumble Bizz offers a platform for professionals and creatives to connect, share and learn. This platform is ideal for those who are looking to connect with locals for networking or collaboration opportunities.

Network your way to an amazing new job

There’s no denying that networking can play a crucial role in the success of your career. While networking used to mean long hours searching for and attending events, the internet and social media has made it easier than ever to meet new people.

Whether you want to find a new job, connect with others in your industry, or find professionals to collaborate with, these professional networking apps are sure to help you expand your circle and get ahead in your career.