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Remote work has become the new norm. With remote jobs available in all kinds of industries, it’s likely you can find a job that pays well, matches your lifestyle, and leverages your current skills. To help you along the way, we put together a list of the best remote jobs across different industries.  

10 Best Remote Jobs

Here are some the most popular and best remote jobs across a variety of skills and fields. 

1. Digital Marketing

Average Salary: $50,644, according to PayScale

Digital marketing can be a catch-all term for a seemingly endless list of job opportunities. Social media, email, web design, content, SEO, ads — just that list alone could provide hundreds of job descriptions.

Whether you’re looking for a freelance job or want to be a part of a global corporation, digital marketing offers a high potential for growth with scalable skills. 

2. Web Development & Graphic Design

Average Base Salary for Web Developer: $78,308, according to Indeed

While many would lump web development and graphic design into digital marketing, the opportunities here are too good to not give them their own mention. It’s one of the career paths where it’s less about what you’ve learned, and more about what you can do.

An impressive portfolio of development or design will do more for you than a fancy degree, and with every business needing a website or graphic design, you’ll always be able to market yourself. 

3. Software Developer

Median Salary: $103,620, according to US News

Software engineering and development have been high-demand jobs for a long-time. With a high median salary, strong job growth, and a limited application pool, software developers can find comfort knowing they will have an easier time than most finding a job.

For developers that often work long hours, remote work gives them the flexibility and comfort of working from home. 

4. Freelance Writer

Average Base Salary: $20.86, per hour according to Indeed

Perhaps one of the most well-known remote gigs, freelance writing offers endless opportunities. With needs for technical writing, copywriting, creative writing, and more, freelance writers can pick and choose who they work with, when they work, and how they want to work. Few remote jobs offer more flexibility than writing does. 

Head to this guide to learn how to become a freelance writer.

5. Customer Service 

Median Salary: $16.69 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

If you have great communication skills or have previously worked in a customer service role, then making the transition to remote customer service work would be easy as pie.

Whether you prefer assisting customers over the phone or via email or chat, there are hundreds of customer service remote jobs posted every day. One of the best times of year to snag one of these roles is during the holiday season. 

Pro tip: Amazon offers dozens of customer service jobs throughout the year. Learn how to snag an Amazon remote job.

6. Virtual Assistant

Average Base Salary: $18.94 per hour, according to

Put your organizational and time management skills to practical use and become a virtual assistant. You can work for small business owners, entrepreneurs, busy professionals, or even for established companies.

As you gain more experience, you can easily raise your rates, giving you limitless earning potential. 

7. Tutoring

Median Pay: $18.10 per hour, according to PayScale

It’s very easy to get started with tutoring. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and you’re good to go. Whether you’re a student looking for a stable side hustle or a full-time tutor, you are sure to find a job that will work within your schedule.

Consider yourself a night-owl? You can even tutor kids on the other side of the world, especially in English.  

All of you need is good communication and organizational skills. Years of experience, class types taught, and what subjects you teach can all factor into how much money you’re able to earn per hour. 

Head to this guide for 30 companies hiring for online English language teachers.

8. Mathematician

Median Salary: $87,780, according to US News

Many mathematicians or statisticians find work in health care, higher education, research, or the government, and with more businesses relying on data to inform their decisions, job growth is highly likely in these areas.

When it comes to mathematics or statistics, employers want to work with the most skilled people, and hiring remotely allows them to source talent from anywhere.  

9. Translator

Average Base Salary: $42,996, according to Indeed

If you know another language, put your language skills to good use and work as a translator. You could work as a translator for printed or written materials (news stories, books, web pages, magazines, etc.), or you could work as a verbal translator (translating for two parties over the phone or online).

Either way, you’ll make the most of your language skills while working remotely from home. 

10. Medical Billing & Coding Jobs

Median Salary: Between $35,520 and $43,470, according to FlexJobs

Medical coding extracts billable information from medical records; then medical billing uses those codes to create insurance claims and patient bills. As the healthcare industry works to digitize health records, they’ve made it possible for these roles to be performed remotely.

This field is actually projected to grow 8% between 2019 and 2029, much faster than most other industries. So there’s never been a better time to start a career in this field.

How to Find Remote Jobs

Make job searching easy: There are dozens of highly reputable online job boards that make it incredibly easy to find your next dream job. Use one of those websites to find your next 100% remote job.

Find a company with great benefits: Find a full-time job with incredible employee benefits at one of these remote-friendly companies.

Develop your remote working skills: Unsurprisingly, learning how to work from home successfully does require a learning curve. Learn how to set yourself up for remote working success.