Blog in a Weekend

Wanna start a blog so you can make more money, have more impact, and enjoy more freedom in your life? 

Awesome. That’s exactly what I’ll teach you.

What if you could start your blogging business in just two and a half days — without getting confused or overwhelmed by the tech? In Blog in a Weekend, you’ll learn how to easily create a blog that’s optimized to grow traffic and make money in just ONE weekend.

Does this sound like you?

You struggle with going from “I have an idea for a blog” to “I run a blogging business.” You’ve been daydreaming about starting a blog, but something is holding you back.

You’re not sure how to choose the right niche or name for your blog. You know it’s important to “niche down,” but you’re not sure how to choose or what makes a good niche for a blog that makes money online.

You’re tired of trying to figure out how to build a website all on your own. You’re new to blogging, so trying to figure out web hosting, WordPress, plugins and everything else feels like learning a new language!

You wish there was a simple process for niching, naming, and setting up your blog, step by step, that eliminates all your confusion and uncertainty around getting started.

What if there was a way to come up with an inspired name, find the right niche, and start your blog simply and easily in just one weekend?

That’s exactly why I created Blog in a Weekend. I want to help you stop feeling stuck and take confident, clear action on your blogging dreams. 

I’m going back to the beginnings of my blog and sharing the strategies I used to get it off the ground.

This framework shows you exactly what it takes to create a blog that’s optimized to grow and make you money.

If you want to get crystal clear on your blog name and niche — and take the exact steps to get your blog up and running in just two days — join me in Blog in a Weekend. 

In Blog in a Weekend, I'll show you step-by-step how to...

 Strategically figure out your perfect blogging niche using what I call The E.P.I.C. Method 

 Come up with an inspired and unique name for your blog 

 Set up affordable, user-friendly web hosting for your blog and connect it to WordPress 

Select a theme and design the four core pages you need to get your blogging business off the ground 

 Easily and confidently launch your blog over the course of just 2 ½ days

Right now you...

Imagine if...

let's make this dream a reality! join me in...

Blog in a Weekend

Start your profitable blogging business quickly and easily in just 2 ½ days! 

blog in a weekend

Meet Your teacher

Hello! I'm Rebecca

I’m a blogger and digital marketer who has worked behind the scenes with multi-million dollar blogging businesses for the past seven years. 

I’ve worked with leading blogging, SEO, outreach, and marketing teams to grow blogs from a few thousand readers to millions of readers every month. 

At my last company, the team and I grew the blog so much that it got acquired for $60 million! 

After this blog got acquired, I decided to take everything I had learned to start my own blog, Remote Bliss, and teach others what it takes to build and run profitable blogging businesses.

While I run my blogging business today, I had no idea how to start a blog or make money online when I started. 

All I knew was that the standard 9 – 5 office life wasn’t for me, and I wanted a job that would give me the freedom to work from anywhere. Blogging has let me travel the world, follow my own schedule and live life on my own terms. 

But it all started with taking action on my idea for a blog. I had to figure out, 

• What my blogging niche should be 
• What I wanted to name my blog 
•  How to get my website up and running fast 

In Blog in a Weekend, I’m sharing the exact, step-by-step system I used to launch my blogging business. I’ll show you how to get crystal clear on your blogging goals and create your website fast. 

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

Want to take a sneak peek inside the program? Here’s a closer look at every lesson and bonus inside my Blog in a Weekend program.


Day 1 (friday afternoon)

Let's Niche and Name

In this first module, I’ll go over some important mindset tips that will help you succeed as a blogger. Then you’ll learn:

day 2 (saturday)

Easy Tech Tutorials

Here’s where I’ll go over blog hosting and WordPress and lead you through setting up your blog!

remote bliss

Day 3 (sunday)

Launch Your Site

On day 3 we will finish up your design and officially launch your blog! We’ll go over…

Bonuses (value $182)

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Bonus mockups

A $47 value

The E.P.I.C. Method Workbook

Figure out your blog niche with what I call the E.P.I.C. Method. Use this workbook to brainstorm ideas and select the best one for your blog.

Bonus mockups (5)

A $37 value

The Name Game Workbook

Use this workbook for an inspired brainstorming session and come up with a unique, creative, memorable name for your blog.

Bonus mockups (2)

A $37 value

Blog Launch Checklist

This blog launch checklist boils down my step-by-step system to the bare essentials so you can make sure you’re on track.

Bonus mockups (3)

A $27 value

List of Essential Blog Tools

Here’s where I’ll share my recommendations for web hosting, themes, and everything else you need to start your blog.

Bonus mockups (6)

A $27 value

WordPress Plugin Recommendations

This is a list of my recommendations for WordPress plugins to optimize your blog and add handy features.

Bonus mockups (4)

A $7 value

About Page Drafter

Use this space to draft up a great about page that shares your story and helps you connect with your readers.

blog in a weekend

That’s a Total Value of $379

But don’t worry, that’s NOT what I’m going to charge you! For a limited time, I’m going to offer all of this for just $37!

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Whoa...that’s a lot of stuff for just $37! Is this for real?

Yup! This Blog in a Weekend program is worth 10 times what I’m charging.

After all, it’s going to help you launch a location-independent, passive income online blogging business! That’s worth its weight in gold. 😉

But my goal here is to make this a no-brainer price for you, so nothing stands in the way between you and launching your blog now.

I don’t want you to start your blog someday….I want you to start your blog TODAY!

So I’ve priced it so you don’t have to drag your feet for another second…you can enroll and start right now!

Kind Words From happy students


“I’m so happy that I took Rebecca’s course. I can’t believe I was attempting to do this on my own, hence why ‘start a blog’ has been on my to-do list for five years! I learned so much from her helpful tips and streamlined process, saving me heaps of time and frustration. Her relatable style and easy-to-follow instructions made the process very enjoyable. I highly recommend this course if you are ready to finally get that blog up and working for you! Don’t wait as long as I did!”



“If you are thinking about starting a blog, I highly recommend taking this wonderfully executed course. You will learn things that most new bloggers learn after months of research. If you are serious about blogging, take Rebecca’s course — you won’t regret it.”


“I found this course really great for a newbie who does not know about blogging and the idea behind it. Rebecca not only explains the steps to launch the blog in detail, but also provides great information on how to select a niche and how to monetize. This course is so valuable and perfect for anyone who wants to start a blog. A must-have course for sure.”


Is Blog in a Weekend for Me?

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When you enroll, you’ll get immediate access to the program’s 8 pre-recorded video lessons and 6 bonuses, which include two fillable workbooks, two tool lists, a blog launch checklist, and an About Page drafter. Plus, you can email me at any time at rebecca@remotebliss.com with any questions.

Absolutely! I designed this program with beginners in mind. My goal is to make it as simple, straightforward and easy as possible. You definitely don’t need to be a tech wizard to follow my tutorials and get your blog online.

You’ll get immediate and lifetime access to the course, as well as to any future updates I make. The course is entirely self-paced, though I recommend you do it in a weekend (or any two-day period that works for your schedule)!

Absolutely! The course platform I use has bank-level security and encryption. You can pay via credit card. 

Due to the digital nature of this product, I don’t offer refunds except in exceptional circumstances.


Imagine where you could be just two days from now...

You’re confident, clear and excited about your blog niche and name.

You’ve got your blog up and running and optimized for fast growth. 

You know how to design your blog and add plugins for bonus features. 

You’ve got everything you need to start publishing blog articles and growing your blogging business. 

You’ve overcome one of the biggest hurdles toward growing a profitable blogging business that gives you more time, money and freedom in your life.

ready to start your blog?

Join Blog in a Weekend and start your blogging business in just two and a half days!

Enroll now before the price goes up! I’ll see you on the inside. 😊

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