• How Social Media Can Help (or Harm) Your Job Search

    Is social media helping or harming your job search? That all depends on your online presence. On one hand, an optimized LinkedIn profile or professional website can boost your chances of landing a job. But a Facebook feed with one too many sloppy photos from your senior year spring break trip could hurt your chances. […]


  • 10 Sites With the Best-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

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    Would you love to get paid to write and have thousands of people read your words? With all the content on the internet these days, there are lots of companies and publications offering paid online writing jobs. Unfortunately, some of these companies only pay pennies …


  • 9 Secrets to Landing a Remote Job, According to Experts 

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    If you’re on the hunt for a remote job, you know landing one is easier said than done. With applicants from all over the world competing for a single position, you’ve got to work hard to make your application stand out. To help you get a hiring manager’s attention …


  • 7 Best Networking Apps for Savvy Job Seekers

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    If there was a secret to landing your job, it would be networking. According to LinkedIn, a whopping 85% of all jobs are filled via networking. But for many, networking is easier said than done. If you’re hoping to make new connections but aren’t sure where to start, these seven networking apps will …


  • How to Become a Virtual Assistant & Make Money From Home

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    If you’re an organized person with a knack for time management, working as a virtual assistant could be an excellent way to work online and make money from home. But first you need to learn how to become a virtual assistant and get paid for your efforts. Fortunately …


  • How to Set Up a VPN: A Beginner’s Guide

    how to set up a vpn

    What is a VPN, and how do I get one? This question is common among remote workers who are looking for an extra layer of internet security or are working out of the country for the first time. Unless you’re required by work to use a VPN, you might have heard this mysterious acronym but …