• How to House Sit Abroad and Travel the World for Free

    how to house sit abroad

    Travel can be expensive. Between the cost of flights, rental cars, hotels, and daily expenses, a week-long trip can cost thousands of dollars. Outside of plane tickets, accommodation is typically the biggest expense, with hotels and Airbnbs often costing hundreds of …


  • 15 Typical Job Interview Questions and Answers

    job interview questions and answers

    When it comes to the interview process, preparation makes the difference between a lackluster and a rock-star interview. The best way to prepare is to anticipate and practice common job interview questions and answers. While you can’t know the questions ahead of …


  • When to Go Full-Time Freelance and Work for Yourself

    when to go full-time freelance

    Do you dream of leaving your regular job but aren’t sure when to go full-time freelance? Before ditching your steady paycheck, it’s important to understands the pros and cons of the freelance life. Even with all the freedom of working for yourself, you’ll have to …


  • How to Build a Freelance Portfolio (and Get Hired)

    how to build a freelance portfolio

    As a full-time freelancer, I juggle multiple clients and deadlines from week to week. But before I got my busy freelancing business off the ground, I had to learn how to build a freelance portfolio. Having a portfolio of work to show to clients is crucial, as it shows your skills and quality …