• FlexJobs Review: Find Thousands of Flexible Job Opportunities

    If you’ve been wondering whether a FlexJobs subscription is worth the cost, this FlexJobs review will help you decide. We’ll take a close look at ways this remote job board could help you land a job. We’ll also dig into the areas where FlexJobs falls short so you have a clear sense of what you’ll get from …


  • 7 Job Search Motivation Tips (for When You Just Can’t Anymore)

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    When you first start a job hunt, it’s impossible to know how long it will last. And if rejections heap up while your budget gets tighter, it’s hard not to feel frustrated or even hopeless. But even if the job hunt is throwing unexpected twists your way, it’s crucial to keep up your job search …


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  • 9 Essential Skills You Need to Be a Successful Remote Employee

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    While a lucky few have never known the drudgery of office life, many of us spent years at a 9 – 5, packed in with hordes of people on the subway in rush hour or sitting in traffic for hours every day. Transitioning into a work-from-home role, then, can feel like a dream true. You get to ditch the commute …


  • 9 Pro Tips for Nailing Your Remote Job Interview

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    DING! The email you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. The employer wants to schedule a virtual interview for the remote job you applied for. You celebrate for a bit before coming back to senses. The thought of the interview process is daunting …


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    With thousands of options out there, finding the best home office desks, chairs, and other equipment is no easy feat. Having worked remotely for the past five years, I’ve slowly but surely put together a home workspace that helps me be productive, happy, and healthy. To help you do the same, I’ve compiled …