• Synthesia AI Review: Easily Create Engaging Videos From Text

    synthesia ai video generator

    While videos are playing a big role in marketing these days, it takes a lot of time, effort and money to create a high-quality video. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help content creators generate compelling videos from text in a matter of seconds. One leading tool that generates audiovisual content is Synthesia. Synthesia puts […]


  • 9 Best Chrome Screenshot Extensions (Easy & Useful)

    best screenshot chrome extension

    Chrome screenshot extensions make it easy to take a screenshot of a partial or full web page on your browser. Instead of messing around with keyboard shortcuts, you can use an extension on your browser and take a screenshot within seconds.  The best Chrome screenshot extensions also let you edit the image (with annotations or […]


  • Jarvis AI Review: Write Flawless Copy 5x Faster

    jarvis ai review

    Did you know that AI is now advanced enough to write as well as humans? The future is here, and AI writing tools are being used in the world of blogging, marketing, and content creation. One leading tool, Jarvis AI, is already writing content that we read when we surf the internet, and it’s getting […]


  • 10 Best Audio Recording Software (Free and Paid)

    audio recording software

    Gone are the days when making quality audio and music recordings required a professional studio. Today, with the right audio recording software, you can record audio right from your garage or home office. So how do you choose the best audio recording software, given the many available out there? That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in […]


  • How to Get a Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand in 2022

    From rolling hills to ancient glaciers, surfer-friendly waves to epic hiking trails, New Zealand is an adventure lover’s paradise. If you love the outdoors or want to reenact your own Lord of the Rings journey to Mordor, you might be looking to stay in New Zealand …


  • 9 Best Screencast and Screen Recording Software

    best screencast software

    Whether you’re looking to create an online course, video tutorial, presentation or product demo, you’ll need screencast or screen recording software to capture your screen. The best screencast software makes it easy to record your computer screen, often with audio voiceover, as well.  There are both premium and free screencast software options available, so you […]