• How Much Does It Cost to Start a Blog in 2021? 

    how much does it cost to start a blog

    How much does it cost to start a blog? The answer could range from $0 to hundreds of dollars, depending on your goals for your blog. If you’re looking to start a hobby blog for fun, you could get up and running with zero financial investment. But if your goal is to make money blogging, […]


  • 6 Ways to Look *Really* Good on Zoom

    We all wish we could turn our camera off on Zoom meetings sometimes, but unfortunately that’s not always an option. In lieu of hiding behind the little black box, boost your confidence by looking your best on a Zoom call. Zoom meetings are some of the only social interaction we’re getting these days, so you […]


  • How to Write a Blog Post That Ranks #1 on Google

    how to write a blog post

    You know that writing blog posts is the key to building your online business. But if you don’t know how to write a blog post that ranks on the first page of Google, all the time and effort you spend writing could be for nothing. It’s like the proverbial tree in the forest that falls […]


  • 5 Best Wireless Mouse Options for Your Home Office

    best wireless mouse

    Whether you need some ergonomic support for your hands or just want to get rid of tangled wires on your desk, a wireless mouse is a must-have when you work on the computer. There are a ton of options for the best wireless mouses at different price points. To save you from overwhelm, we narrowed […]


  • What Is a Blog? Blogging Definition Updated for 2021

    what is a blog

    When it first started in the 90s, blogging often took the form of a personal diary that an individual shared online. But it has since expanded into a powerful marketing tool, allowing individuals and companies alike to raise brand awareness and make money online. So what is a blog in 2021 exactly, and what is […]


  • 6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Happy Hands and Wrists

    best ergonomic keyboard

    If you’ve been feeling the strain from long days of typing, it could be time to invest in an ergonomic keyboard. Standard keyboards promote unnatural positioning of the hands and wrist, which can lead to pain or even carpal tunnel syndrome. But the best ergonomic keyboards use split, raised, and waved keypads to promote a […]


  • 8 Best Remote Writing Jobs for Freelancers to Try in 2021

    writing jobs

    There’s a huge demand for content in the digital world, which is great news for aspiring writers. If you want to get published online, there are lots of writing jobs for freelancers and staff writers alike. We’ve narrowed down the range of writing opportunities to help you find a writing job that would be the […]