• 10 Best Audio Recording Software (Free and Paid)

    audio recording software

    Gone are the days when making quality audio and music recordings required a professional studio. Today, with the right audio recording software, you can record audio right from your garage or home office. So how do you choose the best audio recording software, given the many available out there? That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in […]


  • 9 Best Screencast and Screen Recording Software

    best screencast software

    Whether you’re looking to create an online course, video tutorial, presentation or product demo, you’ll need screencast or screen recording software to capture your screen. The best screencast software makes it easy to record your computer screen, often with audio voiceover, as well.  There are both premium and free screencast software options available, so you […]


  • 7 Best YouTube Keyword Tools to Grow Your Channel

    best youtube keyword tools

    Like Google, YouTube is a search engine. Users type in words and phrases to find videos. If you want to get your YouTube videos in front of the right audience, incorporating these words and phrases (aka, keywords) in your titles and descriptions is essential. YouTube keyword tools can show you which keywords to target. The […]


  • 11 Best Contact Management Software

    best contact management software

    Contact management software (CMS) helps you track and record customer information. It’s similar to customer relationship management (CRM) software, but it’s not always as robust. While a CMS typically records data like phone numbers and emails, a CRM usually has more advanced features, allowing you to track the entire customer journey through your sales funnel. […]


  • 7 Best AI Writing Software for Content Creators

    best ai writing software

    As a content creator, you know how challenging it is to balance quantity with quality. You want to publish blog posts consistently, but you also don’t want to put out error-riddled or thin content. That’s where AI writing software can help. AI writing software uses machine learning to edit, revise and even generate high-quality content. […]


  • 6 Best Affiliate Marketplaces for Bloggers

    affiliate marketplace

    Affiliate marketplaces make it easy to find and join affiliate programs. As an affiliate, you recommend products or services to your readers and earn a commission when they make a purchase. But it can be time-consuming to track down and apply to individual affiliate programs. That’s where affiliate marketplaces come in. Once you’ve created your […]