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  • How to Save Money for Travel: 8 Savvy Tips

    You’d love to get more stamps in your passport, but unfortunately your bank account isn’t on board. Even if you’re a budget traveler, the costs of flights and hotels can definitely add up. So if you’re dying to explore somewhere new, spend some time saving up for your trip .Even though it could take months or even years eventually you’ll have enough in…


  • How to Manage Your Money as a Location-Independent Digital Nomad

    Hey, digital nomads: Do you have a plan for how to manage your money while on the road? When you’re traveling from place to place, it’s easy to forget about financial matters. After all, saving for retirement probably isn’t top of mind when you’re watching the sun set over a Thai beach or hiking up […]


  • 11 Best Travel Credit Cards for Globe-Trotting Digital Nomads

    If you’re a digital nomad moving from place to place — or just someone who loves to travel — you know the costs of transportation, accommodation, and dining out can add up. So it helps to find the best travel rewards card that will give you points back on money you’re already spending. I’ve received […]