How to Get a Working Holiday Visa for South Korea in 2021

Would you love to explore the hip streets of Seoul, indulge in spas and skincare in Jeju, or eat all the bibimbap you can get your hands on? If so, the South Korea working visa might be the answer to your prayers. If you’re between 18 and 30 years old …

How to Get a Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand in 2021

From rolling hills to ancient glaciers, surfer-friendly waves to epic hiking trails, New Zealand is an adventure lover’s paradise. If you love the outdoors or want to reenact your own Lord of the Rings journey to Mordor, you might be looking to stay in New Zealand …

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How to Get a Working Holiday Visa for Australia in 2021

Despite its remote location, Australia has become one of the most popular destinations for young travelers. From diving in the Great Barrier Reef to visiting Sydney’s iconic opera house, Australia has an endless amount of sights to see and …

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7 Important Things to Consider Before Working Abroad

Whether you consider yourself a remote worker, digital nomad, or international freelancer, you have the unique opportunity to work anywhere in the world. But while traveling the world and exploring new cultures can be a thrilling experience, working remotely in another country can also come with a lot of challenges. From getting a visa to […]

8 Unforgettable Work and Travel Programs For Digital Nomads

As digital nomadism has exploded in popularity, a number of work and travel programs have popped up to bring remote workers around the world. These companies handle the logistics of traveling, from transportation to co-working spaces to housing. Plus, they make sure every destination has your most important resource: constant, unwavering Wi-Fi. Not only will […]

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How to Set Up a VPN: A Beginner’s Guide

What is a VPN, and how do I get one? This question is common among remote workers who are looking for an extra layer of internet security or are working out of the country for the first time. Unless you’re required by work to use a VPN, you might have heard this mysterious acronym but …

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How to House Sit Abroad and Travel the World for Free

Travel can be expensive. Between the cost of flights, rental cars, hotels, and daily expenses, a week-long trip can cost thousands of dollars. Outside of plane tickets, accommodation is typically the biggest expense, with hotels and Airbnbs often costing hundreds of …

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9 Travel Hacks to Save Money From a Globe-Trotting Digital Nomad

My friends usually associate me with wealth and riches when I tell them about my digital nomad lifestyle. It amazes them to know I’m able to manage my finances while working from the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. But the reality is that I’m working the same as …

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Where to Exchange Money When You Travel, Ranked From Best to Worst

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably seen those Travelex kiosks at airports all around the world. They say they have the best currency exchange rates, but is the airport really the best place to exchange your money when you’re traveling abroad? …