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Chrome screenshot extensions make it easy to take a screenshot of a partial or full web page on your browser. Instead of messing around with keyboard shortcuts, you can use an extension on your browser and take a screenshot within seconds. 

The best Chrome screenshot extensions also let you edit the image (with annotations or blurring, for example), store screenshots online or offline or share screenshots with others. Plus, some let you scroll while screenshotting so you can capture a full web page without having to break it up into multiple images. 

Some of these screenshot extensions for Chrome are free, while others that have premium features come with a small fee. When choosing the best Chrome screenshot extension for you, consider cost as well as features like image editing and annotation capabilities. 

Note: Are you wondering what the keyboard shortcuts are for taking a screenshot on your computer? Try “shift + command + 3” to screenshot a full page or “shift + command + 4” to screenshot a partial page if you’re using a Mac. If you use Windows, try “control + PrtScn.”

9 Best Chrome Screenshot Extensions

Whether you’re looking for image editing, annotation capabilities or the lowest cost, here are the nine best screenshot Chrome extensions to meet your needs:

1. LightShot Chrome Extension

lightshot chrome extension

LightShot is one of the fastest screen-capturing extensions available on the Chrome web store. This easy-to-use extension is lightweight and allows users to take screenshots by pressing a hotkey or clicking the extension icon. 

LightShot Chrome Extension Features

  • Has a built-in image editor
  • Allows users to search for similar images online
  • Enables screenshot sharing on social media
  • Lets users track their screenshot history
  • Enables copying and pasting screenshots into other programs such as Outlook or MS Word 
  • Gives the option to save screenshots in JPEG format

Pros of LightShot Chrome Extension 

  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Firefox, and Opera
  • With the desktop application, users can take screenshots outside the Chrome browser window
  • Works with multi-display configurations
  • Users can edit the screenshot, write comments, draw lines or highlight specific areas with different colors
  • Lets you share a URL to your screenshot with others

Cons of LightShot Chrome Extension 

  • Privacy concerns – other users can view uploaded images if they type in the correct publicly accessible URL. 
  • Lacks advanced customization features
  • Has no support team to assist users if they run into issues

LightShot Chrome Extension Pricing

This extension is free to install and use.

Best for:

Taking quick screenshots and sharing them with other users online.

2. Awesome Screenshot

awesome screenshot extension

The Awesome Screenshot extension has video screencasting functionalities and can take screenshots of an entire web page from top to bottom. It’s useful for tutorials, demonstrations, and presentations. 

Awesome Screenshot Features

  • Scroll and take screenshots of the entire webpage
  • Capture screenshots within seconds by clicking on the extension icon displayed on the browser’s toolbar
  • Comes with various editing tools
  • Allows users to share their screen captures on social media

Pros of Awesome Screenshot

  • Has an image annotation tool for adding arrows, symbols, and text to captured screenshots
  • Allows users to save screenshots online on platforms such as Google Drive
  • Offers a free plan that lets you access your most recent 50 screenshots 

Cons of Awesome Screenshot

  • The free version has a limited number of folders, and the screenshots can only be saved to Google Drive
  • You can’t take screenshots out of the Chrome browser
  • Not available on Android
  • To access it on iOS, you have to subscribe to a premium plan
  • The video editing feature isn’t beginner-friendly 

Awesome Screenshot Pricing

best chrome screenshot extension awesome screenshot pricing

This extension has a free plan, as well as three premium plans: Basic, Professional, and Team.

  • Basic costs $4 per month for one user. 
  • Professional costs $5 per month for one user.
  • Team costs $25 per month for five users. 

Best for:

Screen recording, screen capturing, and image annotation.

3. GoFullPage

gofullpage screenshot extension

GoFullPage is an easy-to-use Chrome screenshot extension that takes screenshots in just one click. The extension provides two ways of taking screenshots – you can either press the extension icon on the browser or press the keyboard shortcut (Alt+Shift+P). 

GoFullPage Features

  • Captures an entire web page as you scroll through the page 
  • Comes with an advanced screen capture technology that accurately captures full web pages with embedded iframes and scrollable elements 

GoFullPage Pros

  • Users can save screenshots in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format
  • Has a premium editor that allows users to annotate, crop, and add emojis to captured screenshots
  • Doesn’t have ads

GoFullPage Cons

  • Screen capturing may be slow for long web pages
  • Lacks a direct link that users can use to share their screenshots online

GoFullPage Pricing

gofullpage pricing

The premium GoFullPage tool costs $12 annually, and the subscription auto-renews each year. It also has a free 7-day trial offer for users who want to test out the premium tool.

Best for:

Capturing full-page screenshots.

4. Nimbus

nimbus capture extension

Nimbus is one of the best Chrome extensions for screenshotting and screencasting. Users can record videos of their entire webpage or create videos using their webcam. Nimbus works great for Chromebook and Chrome users.

Nimbus Features

  • Allows users to share their screenshots with other users online instantly
  • Has premium editing and annotation tools
  • Captures screenshots of the entire webpage or sections of the web page
  • Premium users can add a watermark to their screenshots 
  • Allows for the customization of the frame rate and screen resolution.
  • Has mobile, web, and desktop versions

Pros of Nimbus

  • Has robust editing tools for annotating, cropping, and blurring
  • Has a link shortener 
  • Comes with social share buttons

Cons of Nimbus

  • Doesn’t work outside the Chrome browser

Nimbus Pricing

nimbus capture pricing

This extension has three premium plans: Nimbus Note Pro, Nimbus Note Business, and Nimbus Note Enterprise.

  • Nimbus Note Pro costs $5 per month or $48 annually.
  • Nimbus Note Business costs $7 per month or $72 annually for every five members. The price increases for each additional five members. 
  • Nimbus Note Enterprise supports up to 55 members, but you’ll have to contact Nimbus support for pricing information.

Best for:

Recording screencasts and capturing entire page screenshots.

5. Blipshot One Click Full Page

blipshot extension

This Chrome extension captures the entire webpage in just a single click. With Blipshot, users can either save the captured screenshots in PNG format or drag and drop them onto their desktop or a folder of their choice.

Blipshot One Click Full Page Features

  • Supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Chrome, Mac, and Linux
  • Saves screenshots with comprehensive details such as page name, date, and time

Pros of Blipshot One Click Full Page

  • Includes flash content in the screenshot as long as you’re using the latest Chrome version 

Cons of Blipshot One Click Full Page

  • Has no annotation ability
  • May cause Google Chrome to freeze if the webpage you’re trying to screenshot is too big

Blipshot One Click Full Page Pricing

You can download and install this extension from the Chrome web store for free.

Best for:

Capturing instant full-page screenshots.

6. 1-Click Webpage Screenshot

one page screenshot extension

1-Click is among the best Chrome screenshot extensions that allow users to take screenshots by simply pressing Alt+Shift+S. You can also edit a webpage’s text, date, and title before taking a screenshot.

1-Click Webpage Screenshot Features 

  • Allows users to change the metadata of the webpage before capturing the screenshot
  • Users can annotate the captured webpage and add their own customized texts
  • Screenshots can be saved in multiple formats, such as PDF and PNG

Pros of 1-Click Webpage Screenshot 

  • Offers users unlimited cloud storage to store screenshots
  • The extension is free and open-source
  • Has a built-in editing editor

Cons of 1-Click Webpage Screenshot

  • The extension may contain ads
  • Social media icons may fail to appear when sharing the screenshot online

1-Click Webpage Screenshot Pricing

This extension is free to install and use.

Best for:

Pre-editing web pages before capturing the screenshot.

7. Screen Capture

screen capture extension

Other than capturing screenshots, the Screen Capture extension allows users to screencast and add voice messages to recorded videos. 

Screen Capture Features

  • Generates a URL that you can share with other users online and allow them to view the screenshot on their devices
  • Users can screenshot a selection, visible part on the screen or the entire webpage
  • Has image annotation tools

Pros Of Screen Capture

  • Users can save screenshots either in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format
  • Doesn’t come with ads
  • Allows users to scroll and take screenshots of the entire webpage
  • Runs even when there’s no internet connection 

Cons of Screen Capture

  • Doesn’t work outside of the Chrome browser.

Screen Capture Pricing

The 1-Click Webpage Screenshot extension is 100% free to install and use.

Best For?

Recording screencasts, taking instant screenshots, and sharing screenshots with others.

8. FireShot

fireshot extension

The FireShot extension is useful when it comes to capturing specific parts of your screen. All you need to do is highlight the area with a cursor and then take a screenshot of the highlighted area rather than of the entire web page. 

FireShot Features

  • Creates local copies of all saved screenshots
  • Works in offline mode
  • Has a built-in image editor
  • Users can take screenshots of all their open Chrome tabs in just a single click

Pros of FireShot

  • You can save the screenshot in multiple formats such as PDF, JPG, JPEG, or GIF.
  • Has dedicated customer support
  • Supports multi-browser compatibility

Cons of FireShot

  • The free version has limited features.

FireShot Pricing

fireshot pricing

FireShot Lite is free, while FireShot Pro costs $39.95 for a lifetime plan.

Best for:

Cropping and annotating screenshots.

9. qSnap

qsnap extension

qSnap is a lightweight Chrome extension great for editing captured screenshots before saving them. You can also screenshot multiple web pages and consolidate them into a single file with this tool.

qSnap Features

  • Generates a shareable, shortened link
  • Has a hosting service for storing captured screenshots
  • Users can choose to capture a specific part of the webpage or the entire webpage 

Pros of qSnap

  • Users can save screenshots locally for easy access
  • Has built-in image annotation tools

Cons of qSnap

  • You’ll need to click on the share button to save a screenshot.

qSnap Pricing

This extension is free to install and use.

Best for:

Taking screenshots of multiple web pages simultaneously.

What Is a Chrome Screenshot Extension?

A Chrome screenshot extension lets you instantly take screenshots of web pages The screenshots are then saved in an online account or on your computer’s hard drive, and you can access them anytime you want. 

Chrome extensions have additional features compared to taking screenshots with a keyboard shortcut. For instance, a screenshot extension might create a shareable link to your screenshot or let you annotate the image.

Plus, it might let you scroll while your screenshot so you can capture a full web page at once rather than having to break it up into multiple images. 

Best Chrome Screenshot Extension FAQs

Still have questions about the best screenshot extensions for Chrome? These answers to FAQs will help:

How Do You Take a Screenshot on Chrome?

You can take a screenshot on Chrome via two options: using developer tools or an extension. 

To take a screenshot on Chrome using developer tools, follow the procedure below:

  • Launch Chrome
  • Click on the three-dotted lines at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Select More Tools and then select Developer Tools. 
  • Open Developer Tools on your browser.
  • Press “Ctrl + Shift + P” if you are on Windows or “Command + Shift + P”for Mac. 
  • Type “screenshot” into the search bar to view the available options. The options should include Capture area screenshot, Capture full-size screenshot, Capture node screenshot, or Capture screenshot.
  • Select your preferred option to capture. 

To take a screenshot using an extension, follow the procedure below:

  • Install the Chrome screenshot extension from the Chrome web store. 
  • The extension icon will appear on your browser, and you’ll need to enable it. 
  • Open the page you want to take a screenshot of and then click on the extension icon. 
  • The Chrome extension will capture the page automatically. 
  • You might then be prompted to save the image on your device. 

How Do I Take a High-Resolution Screenshot on Chrome?

Google Chrome has a built-in functionality that allows you to take a high-resolution screenshot. Follow the procedure below to capture higher resolution screenshots on Google Chrome:

  • Open the webpage that you want to screenshot and click F12 (on Windows) or “fn + F12” (on Mac) on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can right click and select Inspect. 
  • Click on the Toggle Device Bar icon.
  • Use the Screen Type dropdown menu and select Edit.
  • Click on Add Custom Device.
  • Select a new screen device name and choose 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • Choose a Device Pixel Ratio (DPR). For instance, set the DPR to 4.0, which gives you a resolution of 8K. 
  • Click on device type and change it from Mobile to Desktop, then click the Add button that will appear on your screen.
  • On the Screen type dropdown menu, click on the Custom device name.
  • Click the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and select Capture screenshot.
  • After Chrome renders the screenshot, it will be saved on your device’s download folder.

What’s the Best Free Screen Capture Chrome Extension?

qSnap is one of the best free-to-use extensions with cross-browser support, enabling you to save screenshots on your local device or in qSnap’s hosting service. 

What’s the Best Full Page Screenshot Extension?

Some of the best extensions for taking screenshots of entire web pages are Awesome Screenshot, GoFullPage, and Blipshot. These screenshots allow users to take full-page screenshots or scroll while taking screenshots of their page.  

Best Chrome screenshot extensions: Final thoughts 

There are several ways to preserve data you find on web pages, such as bookmarking. However, nothing beats taking screenshots because you can typically access those web pages offline or share them with others. 

For this reason, there are an extensive library of screenshot Chrome extensions that you can use to take screenshots anytime you want. Consider the features, pricing, and pros and cons of each one to find the one that meets your needs.