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With more and more remote workers traveling the world, digital nomad conferences are popping up to connect nomads with one another. These unique events give you a chance to grow as a professional, build your network, and meet people who, like you, have chosen the road less traveled.

From workshops to team challenges, strategy sessions to unforgettable travel adventures, these digital nomad events help you gain knowledge and make lasting memories. You might even find a life-changing mentor or a partner for your next business venture.

11 digital nomad conferences and workshops in 2023

So what are the best digital nomads and remote work conferences in 2023? Here are the most exciting events to check out.

1. Nomad City

Nomad City hosts an annual event on Gran Canaria, a beautiful Spanish island off the west coast of Morocco. Last year, this event spanned a week and brought together hundreds of remote workers and entrepreneurs from more than 35 countries.

Last year, Nomad City held its event from November 7 – 9, and tickets cost €87 (about $98 USD). Attendees heard keynote speakers and attended talks that focused on remote work, entrepreneurship, and distributed companies.

2. Nomad Summit

Nomad Summit is one of the biggest conferences for digital nomads and remote workers. At this multi-day conference, you’ll hear from successful speakers and network with like-minded professionals.

In 2019, Nomad Summit was held in Cancun from October 11-14 and tickets cost $199 (general), $249 (deluxe), or $1,299 (VIP). Outside the conference, nomads also took part in sunset cocktail hours, pool parties, beach days, and scuba diving and snorkeling trips.

3. 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

The largely women-led team behind 7in7 has a mission: to hold seven digital nomad conferences on seven continents in seven years. Last year marked its fourth conference, which was capped at 100 people and took place in Wellington, New Zealand.

This week-long, intimate conference let nomads connect with speakers, founders, panelists, and fellow attendees while taking part in break-out sessions and workshops. Early bird tickets cost $479.

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4. Freedom x Fest

Freedom x Fest held its first festival event last year in a village in the Pyrenees in northern Spain. Over 1,000 people came together to listen to more than 50 speakers and take part in workshops.

Some topics of the event included digital nomadism, entrepreneurship, health and well-being, lifestyle design, creativity, and exotic coworking. Participants also enjoyed activities like hiking, rock-climbing, yoga, meditation, live music, and food trucks.

Currently, the three-day all-inclusive package (which includes meals, transportation to and from the airport, and camping gear) goes for €497.00 (about $563) and the six-day package is €897.00 (about $1,016).

Head to the website to vote on where the next Freedom x Fest should take place. Your options are European city, remote island, mountain or countryside, or jungle adventure.

5. Freedom Business Summit

Freedom Business Summit brings together entrepreneurs, influencers and other remote professionals to discuss how to design a location-independent lifestyle. You’ll learn strategies on launching a profitable remote business that allows you the freedom to travel anywhere.

Other topics include how to manage remote teams, invest in overseas properties, and set up systems that allow you to become a citizen of the world. This eight-hour event, which is held in collaboration with e-Residency Estonia, 500 Startup San Francisco and Nomad Cruise, attracts 500 participants from 17 countries and gathers 12 speakers for you to learn from.

Freedom Business Summit was held on September 14, 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine, and early birds got 60% off the typical ticket price. Check out the site to find out where it will be held next.

6. DNX Digital Nomad Conference

DNX Digital Nomad Conference brings together people from all over the world to talk about digital nomadism and lifestyle design. This conference is all about supporting the location-independent lifestyle and the freedom that comes with it.

You’ll discuss questions like, How do I live my passion?; How can I run a location-independent business?; and, How do I make the world a better place? You’ll also learn from 10 or so keynote speakers and 20 workshop experts.

Last year’s conference took place September 22-23 in Lisbon, Portugal. Tickets for the main event were €197 (~$223), or you could attend the main event and workshops for €297 (~$336. All-inclusive VIP tickets were also available for €997 (~$1,128).

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7. Nomad Cruise

Nomad Cruise, as you probably guessed, is on a boat. This digital nomad cruise brings 400+ telecommuters out into the open waters to meet and learn from one another. It spans a week and includes visits to the Canary Islands, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Note that Nomad Cruise invites digital nomads to take a break from their online work and disconnect from WiFi for a week. While you can purchase WiFi packages, an internet connection on this cruise doesn’t come cheap.

If you’re interested in this digital detox at sea (along with keynotes, workshops, and networking), reach out to Nomad Cruise for more information on tickets, pricing, and the application process.

8. Virtual Working Summit

While many of these digital nomad conferences are held in exotic locations, Virtual Working Summit knows not everyone can fly across the world to attend one. That’s why it offers an online meetup for remote workers.

In October of 2019, Virtual Working Summit featured interviews with inspiring leaders, as well as hosted an interactive component where you could connect with other participants online. It’s free to take part in this virtual digital nomad workshop. The theme last year was “Innovation and Virtual Working.”

9. Running Remote Conference

Running Remote Conference is geared toward founders and entrepreneurs who are starting or already lead remote teams. It discusses how to grow, manage, and scale your remote team and features talks from leading tech companies, thought leaders, and successful founders.

Last year’s remote work conference took place June 29-30 in Bali and involved two full days of talks and workshops at a five-star beach venue. Early bird tickets cost $649 and increased to $999 at the end of March.

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10. Remote Leadership Summit

Like Running Remote, Remote Leadership Summit is geared toward entrepreneurs who lead remote teams. At this digital nomad conference, you’ll discuss how to build a close-knit company culture with your distributed team, network as a remote professional, and grow your business.

Held in Croatia from September 12-16, this retreat gave participants the chance to listened to renowned leaders, work, play, and rest at a beach with crystal clear waters. The Tier-1 ticket cost $899 and the tier-2 ticket cost $1,125.

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11. Nomad Train

If you’re looking for a really unique travel experience, check out Nomad Train, a group that brings digital nomads together to travel from Russia to Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian train. You’ll eat and sleep on the train while hanging out with other digital nomads and exploring the Russian countryside.

You’ll also get the chance to explore stopover cities and check out their coworking spaces. In 2019, attendees could sign up for the whole journey from September 11 – 25 or choose their own dates. Packages ranged in price from €1,270 – €1,370 (~$1,438 – $1,552). Note that you might need a Russian visa to take part in Nomad Train.

Mark your calendar with these digital nomad conferences in 2023

From camping in a remote village in the Pyrenees to staying on a beach in Bali to riding a Trans-Siberian train, digital nomad conferences take place anywhere and everywhere. These events offer a valuable and exciting opportunity to network and learn from other remote professionals.

Outside of professional development, most of these digital nomad events also provide amazing travel adventures. But digital nomad workshops and conferences aren’t the only way to meet like-minded remote workers.

For even more chances to connect, check out this guide on work and travel programs and this one on gorgeous coworking spaces with locations around the world.