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With data from Emsi, CareerBuilder recently crunched the data on 774 occupations to find out which ones were growing the fastest in the next few years.

In particular, CareerBuilder highlighted which jobs were set to have the largest number of openings between 2018 and 2023.

It found that the fastest growing job was … drumroll, please … home health aide.

While you can’t really work as a home health aide from your own home, there were several other jobs on CareerBuilder’s list that could be location independent.

Here are five jobs on CareerBuilder’s list that have remote opportunities — and are likely to have even more in the years to come.

1. Software developer

Software developer came in second on the list of fastest growing occupations. According to CareerBuilder, 140,000 new software developer jobs are predicted to open up in the next five years, constituting a growth rate of 15.57%.

What’s more, software developers had the highest pay of the jobs on this list, with median hourly earnings of $48.49. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says a full-time software engineer makes a median annual salary of $103,560.

Software developers create computer programs and applications, or develop the systems on which computers or networks rely. Most software developers have a background in computer science. If you didn’t study computer science in college, though, you could learn to program from a coding bootcamp.

Because software developers mainly work online, there’s a ton of opportunity to do this job remotely. Most remote job boards are bursting with location-independent opportunities for developers and programmers.

So if you have web development skills or plan to acquire some, this career path could be a savvy choice that guarantees you a steady, location-independent job and lucrative paycheck for years to come.

2. Registered nurse

Believe it or not, registered nurse is a popular career choice for those who choose to work at home. Some nurses conduct clinical assessments and recommend treatments over the phone. Others perform medical triage as a call center specialist or work as case managers.

And according to CareerBuilder, registered nurse is the fourth fastest growing job between now and 2023. It’s predicted to grow at a rate of 8.39% and add 260,000 jobs.

Big companies like Aetna, Humana, and HCA Healthcare hire registered nurses to work in remote positions. If you’re looking for a work at home nursing job, this guide lists 39 companies that hire RNs to telecommute.

3. Teacher

Postsecondary teacher came in next on the list after registered nurse, with a predicted growth rate of 7.25% and expected addition of 110,000 new jobs.

Although most teachers work in a classroom, there are more opportunities than ever to teach online. Some companies hire teachers to conduct classes or tutor one-on-one over video conference.

In particular, there are a lot of opportunities to teach English as a Second Language online to students from all over the world. Plus, some colleges hire professors to conduct online courses for undergraduate and graduate students alike.

Other teachers create courses for education platforms like Udemy. Along with teaching online, you might also be interested in an in-school position in another country.

Governments around the world hire native English speakers to work as English teachers or teaching assistants in public schools. And if you get a TEFL certificate, you could get an English-teaching job in just about any international private school.

While not remote, these jobs give you the chance to make an income while traveling the world. But if they’re not of interest, you can also stay completely location independent and teach online.

4. Customer service representative

Before 2023, customer service jobs are expected to grow by 4.21%. And many of the 120,000 new customer service jobs could very well be remote.

Remote companies, for instance, rely on distributed support teams to help their customers online or over the phone.

Non-remote companies also hire customer service representatives to work from home helping resolve customer problems and complaints.

You’ll need to have solid people skills and a knack for solving people’s problems. According to BLS, customer service reps make a median annual salary of $32,890.

5. Salesperson

Last on CareerBuilder’s list of fast-growing jobs was retail salesperson, a job expected to grow by 2.37% over the next few years. According to BLS, most retail salespeople work in stores and earn a median salary of $23,370 per year.

But if you can look outside of traditional retail, there are lots of opportunities to work remotely in sales. As a sales representative, you’ll need to know your company’s products inside and out, as well as have strong people skills.

If you’re remote, you might have a lot of chances to travel domestically or even internationally. According to FlexJobs, the top five companies that hired remote sales jobs in 2018 were Hibu, Amgen, Salesforce, A Place for Mom, and Xerox.

Adapting to changes in the career landscape

If you’re strategizing about your career, it’s smart to consider what fields will be growing in the next few years. After all, technology is developing at a rapid pace, and the professional landscape might look a lot different five years from now than it does today.

Luckily, studies like this one from CareerBuilder give us insight into how jobs are predicted to grow (or shrink) in the future. And not surprisingly, many of the jobs expected to grow involve tech in some way or have the potential to be remote.

If staying location independent is important to you, continue to stay up to date on remote work trends. Develop skills that are expected to be in demand so you can adapt to an evolving world. And stay on top of remote job boards, since you never know when your next great job will come around.