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Congrats! You’ve landed a remote job. Gone are the days when you have to commute hours in your car or, well, put on pants if you don’t want to.

While getting a job is incredibly exciting, your first day can also be extremely nerve-wracking, especially if you’re new to a telecommuting arrangement.

To help you hit the ground running, we’ve pulled together our favorite advice and tips on crushing the first day at your new job.

Your first day on the new job checklist

From what to say on your first day of work to questions to ask on your first day, here are seven tips for starting off your remote job on the right foot.

1. Set up a dedicated workspace

Before logging on for your first day, make sure all of your equipment is ready. Have your computer charger handy and headphones for noise-free video calls.

Make sure your workspace is clutter-free and not distracting. Sitting on the floor in front of your TV using your coffee table as a laptop stand is probably not the ideal work environment. Find a place, whether it’s in your house or at another location, where you can get into work mode.

And if the company sent you a list of required apps or tools, double check that everything is downloaded. Keep your user names and passwords handy and log in to any required sites before your first day.

2. Review your welcome information

Many employers send out welcome packets or orientation information before the first day. Be sure to review all provided materials beforehand.

If no information was sent to you, that’s okay. Review the company website, social media accounts, and any available details to familiarize yourself with your new company.

Keep track of any any questions or concerns so you can go over them with your manager over the first few days.

3. Get dressed for work

Although you might be able to work in casual clothes, don’t show up to your first video chat in PJs. A put-together appearance will impress your team, and it will also help you get into the working mindset.

We suggest going for a dressy casual look — somewhere between PJs and a suit and tie — especially until you get a sense of what everyone else wears.

first day new job

4. Hop right into weekly meetings

Don’t be afraid to get right in the thick of things. Impress your team and managers by asking what meetings you need to be a part of or can sit in on. Once in the meetings, use that time to introduce yourself and start building a relationship with your team.

Chances are, your manager will ask you to say a few words about yourself when you first join the meeting. If you’re someone who freezes when put on the spot, come up with a few sentences beforehand so you’re prepared.

Weekly meetings are a great place to learn how your new team operates. Be observant and take note of how everyone communicates with one another.

5. Introduce yourself to your new teammates

Even if no one on your team lives nearby, you can still go out of your way to meet your new teammates. Reach out on Slack or email to introduce yourself, and invite coworkers for a quick introductory chat over Zoom or Skype.

Get to know the people you’re working with, and don’t be afraid to ask for some first-day tips or what you can do to succeed here. Their experience could be invaluable to you.

6. Set expectations with your boss

Every job, either remote or in-person, should begin by setting expectations. Sitting down with your manager is an excellent opportunity to establish their expectations and measures of success.

Task management, communication, and productivity are three areas you definitely want to discuss. You should also use this opportunity to clarify your work schedule and ask any questions that have come up so far.

7. Go easy on yourself

Even experienced remote workers find the first day of a new job challenging. As long as you’re working hard, asking questions, and putting in the effort to learn the intricacies of the company, you will be in the groove of things in no time.

Every job has a learning curve, so don’t expect to be running at full speed right out the gate. Give it time, and you will get there!

Make the most of the first day at your new remote job

If you can look past the nerves, remember that your first day is exciting — especially at a job that gives you the freedom to work from home!

Everything’s a learning process and requires some trial and error. In fact, you’ll probably be at your most clueless on your first day — you’ll only learn and improve going forward.

At the same time, your outsider status could be an asset, as well. You might view the company and its processes with fresh eyes and have innovative ideas that long-term employees haven’t thought of.

So take the time to listen and absorb, but don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your own ideas as well. With a little preparation and courage, you can absolutely crush the first day at your new remote job.