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Are you worried about feeling alone when you work remotely?

Thanks to coworking spaces, you don’t have to sacrifice social time when you go remote. These shared office spaces bring together remote workers, freelancers, and digital nomads across a variety of industries.

The best coworking spaces organize events for you to get to know people. Plus, many have beautifully-designed spaces that inspire you to be productive.

There are lots of coworking spaces, but I chose five of the best ones for this list. Not only are they gorgeous spaces to work in, but they all also have locations around the world.

1. WeWork

WeWork has locations across the U.S., not to mention all over the world. You can find one or more WeWorks in the major cities — NYC, Chicago, LA, etc. — plus smaller ones like Portland and Nashville.

Anyone going abroad will also find a WeWork in Europe, South America, and Asia. For instance, I’ll be joining a WeWork in Spain for a month this summer!

Prices vary by location, but you can typically choose a part-time or full-time membership. “Hot desk” memberships mean you work in a shared space, or you can rent a dedicated desk or even a private office.

Expect urban, artsy decor, summery roof decks, and an unlimited supply of coffee.

2. Impact Hub

Impact Hub is all about bringing together social entrepreneurs trying to make a positive impact in the world. It has 101 coworking locations across five continents, though it’s not as widespread as WeWork.

The organization hosts events for like-minded entrepreneurs to build their network and share ideas. According to its site, it’s hosted over 5,000 events and counting for members of its community.

If you’re looking to start your own venture, you might add to the 6,400 that were established from one of Impact Hub’s locations between 2012 and 2016.

3. The Surf Office

The Surf Office is all about hosting team retreats for groups of remote workers. It has six locations:

  • Barcelona
  • Gran Canaria
  • Lisbon
  • Ericeira
  • Madeira
  • Prague
  • Santa Cruz

As long as you’ve got four others in your team, you can stay at The Surf Office and enjoy its accommodations and shared workspaces.

The group also organizes activities and transportation around whatever city you choose. The Surf Office isn’t the best choice for the individual digital nomad, but it’s a good option for remote teams who want to work together for a week or more.

4. League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LexC)

LexC (pronounced lek-see) brings together independent coworking spaces into a global network. My MA-based coworking space Workbar, for instance, is part of this greater network.

As a result, I can access other LexC spaces in other locations if I am in another state or country. Along with locations across the U.S., you can also find LexC members scattered across South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Instead of joining an international coworking space, LexC lets you stick with a local one while still gaining access to a global network.

5. Outsite

Outsite, on the other hand, caters to individuals as well as teams. It offers both coliving and coworking, and its list of locations seems to be growing by the day.

Not only does it have several locations in California, but you can also stay in Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Bali, among other sites.

You’ll get sleek, modern accommodations for affordable prices, as well as full-time access to a fully equipped coworking space.

Plus, you’ll get to hang with like-minded digital nomads who (according to its Instagram) love to hike, surf, and do yoga.

Prices, by the way, are discounted if you get an annual membership. Plus, you’ll get occasional emails about last minute promo deals.

Figure out what you need in a coworking space

Although these coworking spaces have locations across the globe, you can also find smaller spots in your community.

Most let you try working for a day before you commit, so you can get a feel for if the space is right for you.

Before committing, ask yourself questions like,

  • Do you want an informal vibe with plenty of comfy seating or a more formal office environment with tables and desk chairs?
  • Are you looking for a space that hosts several events a month so you can meet your fellow coworkers?
  • Do you need private office space for meetings?
  • Is it cool if people are chatting or do you need silence to be productive?
  • Will people look at you funny if you bring your dog?

Figure out what you want in a coworking space, and search around until you find the right one.  To get started, check out It has a comprehensive list of coworking spaces all around the world.