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With thousands of products out there, finding the best home office desks, chairs, and other equipment is no easy feat.

I’ve worked remotely for the past five years, and over that time I’ve slowly but surely put together a home workspace that helps me be productive, happy, and healthy.

To help you do the same, I’ve compiled a list of the best standing desks (or standing desk converters), monitors, and other home office tech essentials to help you craft a home office you love.

Use this table of contents to skip to a section or keep scrolling for the full list.

  1. Standing desks
  2. Standing mats
  3. Traditional desks
  4. Standing desk attachments
  5. Lap desks
  6. Ergonomic chairs, stools, and balance balls
  7. Monitors
  8. Computer and monitor stands
  9. External keyboards
  10. Computer mouses
  11. Blue light-blocking computer glasses
  12. Fitbits and smart watches
  13. Posture correction devices

1. Best home office desks: standing desks

You’ve probably heard that scary phrase, “Sitting is the new smoking.” Studies show that sitting for prolonged periods of time can harm your health in major ways, even if you throw in a workout at the end of your day.

Plus, sitting for hours on end just feels icky, which in turn can make you less productive. And I’m all about working smarter, not longer (a la Tim Ferriss), so I’m drawn to anything that can help me get more work done in less time.

Enter the standing desk, which, as the name implies, has you stand rather than sit while working. Here are my top three picks for the best standing desks.

home office tech essentialsJarvis Bamboo Standing Desk


best standing desksPrice: ~$534

I have this Jarvis bamboo desk at home, and I’m a big fan. It has a digital handset that makes it easy to adjust the height up and down. Plus, the bamboo desktop is super pretty and was made sustainably without pesticides.

You can get the Jarvis desk in three different sizes, and its design makes the desk feel light and sleek, even when it’s moved up to the top height. While the price tag is relatively high, I’ve found the investment to be worth it for long-term use.

Seville Classics Standing Desk

best standing desks 1

Price: ~$460

The Seville Classics Standing Desk is another great option for an adjustable standing desk with a digital control pad that you can use to move the desk up and down throughout your day. The desk’s curved edge also lets you stand closer to your work.

SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk

best standing desks 2

Price: ~$249

For a more budget-friendly option, check out the SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk. Like the other options on this list, the SHW desk has a digital handset for adjusting the height. Most reviews rave about this economic option, but a few say some of the pieces didn’t fit quite right. That said, if you run into any issues, you can return it for a full refund.

2. Best standing mats

A decent standing mat is ergonomically designed to encourage you to stand in different positions while you work, making it easier and more comfortable to stand for longer periods of time.

home office tech essentials

Topo Mat

best standing mats 2

Price: ~$99

I love the (very highly rated) Topo Mat to help you stand more comfortably while you work. It offers several different ergonomic positions to stand in (or to use while sitting) and comes with a seven year warranty.

TerraMat Lite

best standing mats 1

Price: ~$59

For smaller spaces, the TerraMat Lite ($59) is a great mat for both standing and sitting at your desk.

ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

best standing mats

Price: ~$34

The ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat is another solid budget-friendly option for supporting you while you work at a standing desk. It has a no-frills, flat design but provides comfort with thick, high-density foam. Plus, ComfiLife offers a money-back, lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

3. Best home office desks: traditional desks

If a standing desk isn’t your thing, you’ll need a traditional desk for conquering your to-do list. Think about what size would best fit your space, as well as what style will bring your home office design together.

To help you narrow down your options, here are a few of the best desks for your home office.

home office tech essentials

Foluban Rustic Industrial Computer Deskbest desks for home office 2Price: ~$110

This desk from Foluban has an industrial chic vibe without being heavy or clunky. It also has a reasonable price point, though you’ll need to buy separate containers to organize your stuff, since this desk doesn’t have built-in drawers.

Ashley Furniture Signature Designbest desks for home office 5

Price: ~$349

This vintage-inspired desk is a great choice if you’re looking for a sturdy piece of furniture to put into your home office long-term. I especially like the pull-out drawer where you can house your keyboard.

Glavan 3-Drawer Writing Desk with Antique Nutmeg and Blackbest desks for home office 3

Price: ~$148

If you’re looking for a more airy piece with an antique finish, check out this writing desk from Glavan. Along with a stylish finish, it has a few drawers to store your office supplies. Note that some reviewers felt the assembly process was overly complicated.

Soges Computer Desk Trestle Deskbest desks for home office 1

Price: ~$89

If you’re working with a smaller space, consider the trestle desk from Soges. Along with a delicate and modern design, this desk has a couple of shelves for your things.

Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch

best desks for home office

Price: ~$342

While some of these desks have a minimalist style, the Sauder Harbor View desk goes in the opposite direction with cubby holes, drawers, and plenty of vertical storage. It has a sliding drawer for your keyboard and comes in three classy colors: antiqued paint, salt oak, and antiqued white.

4. Best standing desk attachments

If you already have a desk but want to try standing while you work, consider one of these standing desk attachments. You simply place them on top of your desk to raise your screen up to eye level. Bonus: they also tend to cost less than standing-only desks.

Our top picks for standing desk attachments are adjustable, sturdy, and easy to move on and off your desk (or even take with you while traveling).

home office tech essentials

Cooper Standing Desk Converter

best standing desk attachment 1

Price: ~$325

The Cooper Standing Desk Converter is a stylish addition to your traditional desk. This adjustable frame helps you raise your computer up to eye level when you’re standing. It can hold up to 35 pounds and has a lower drawer for your keyboard. No assembly is needed for this stable and easy-to-use work surface.

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

best standing desk attachments

Price: ~$139

Coming in at a more reasonable price point, the Vivo adjustable standing desk attachment has distinct levels for your computer and keyboard, as well as a large enough surface to hold a laptop and external monitor. It also requires minimal assembly, so you can start using it shortly after taking it out of the box.

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk

best standing desk attachment

Price: ~$40

This adjustable attachment is one of the best budget-friendly options, especially for digital nomads looking for a portable device. You can attach it to your desk or sit with it and bring your laptop to eye height while working at the airport between flights.

5. Top picks for lap desks

Do you like to mix it up and work on your couch or even your bed? Then you might want a lap desk to keep your neck, wrists, and shoulders happy while you work.

home office tech essentials

Sofia and Sam Oversized Lap Desk

best lap desk

Price: ~$45

The Sofia and Sam Oversized Lap Desk is big enough to hold your laptop and mouse and sits comfortably atop a memory foam pad. There’s also a Deluxe version for $10 more that includes a tablet holder, detachable light, and wrist wrest (see below):

Sofia and Sam Mini lap desk

best lap desk 1

Price: ~$24

For you digital nomads who want to take your lap desks with you when you travel, the Sofia and Sam Mini lap desk is affordable, comfortable, and easy to throw in your suitcase. They also make a version with a tablet holder — this one comes highly recommended.

LapGear Designer Lap Desk

best lap desks

Price: ~$35

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your home office a bit, check out the LapGear Designer Lap Desk, which includes a slot for your phone and looks great on your couch whenever you’re not using it.

6. Ergonomic chairs, stools, and balance balls

Chances are, you’re not going to be standing all the time while you work even with a standing desk, so finding the right ergonomic chair is important, too. Look for a chair that has good lumbar support and adjustable settings. The best chair helps you maintain good posture while you work.

Here are a few top picks, including traditional office chairs and some alternative options.

home office tech essentials

Capisco Ergonomic Office Chair with Saddle Seat

best chair for home office

Price: ~$799

This supportive and comfortable chair comes with a high seat lift, meaning you can use it at a standing desk to rest for a bit before returning to a standing position.

HON Perch Stool

best chair for home office 1

Price: ~$152

You can also use the HON Perch Stool with your standing desk to take breaks during all that standing. Along with having an adjustable height, this stool lets you swivel and tilt if you need to move around.

home office tech essentials

Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair

best chair for home office 2

Price: ~$510

For a traditional office chair, my top pick is the Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair. Herman Miller is a big name in the office chair world. The company earned its status by making some of the most ergonomic, supportive, and stylish chairs out there. This chair is no exception, with great support and a unique design.

Argomax Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

best chair for home office 3

Price: ~$230

If you’re looking for full body support, check out this office chair from Argomax with an adjustable headrest. Actually, most parts of the chair are adjustable, so you can find the right settings for your body.

BestOffice Midback Chair

best chair for home office 4

Price: ~$45

Don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on an office chair? No worries, this budget-friendly and highly rated chair from BestOffice is just $45 and still offers ergonomic settings and a straightforward design that would fit into any office space.

PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair

best chair for home office 5

Price: ~$55

If you’re fitness-oriented, consider replacing the office altogether and going with a balance ball instead. This chair is said to improve posture and balance while subtly strengthening your core throughout the day.

7. Best external monitors

An external monitor is great for your home office for a few reasons. For one, it helps with posture because you’re looking at your screen straight on, rather than tilting your head down. We do enough of the heavy head tilt while texting or scrolling through Instagram, so we don’t need even more weight on our neck while we’re working.

Second, an external monitor can be a surprisingly big time-saver. You can keep your reference pages open on one screen and work on another, instead of having to click back and forth between tabs. According to the University of Utah, using two monitors instead of one can save you over two and a half hours every week.

Here are a few of the best external monitors for your home office.

home office tech essentials

Acer Full HD monitor

best external monitor

Price: ~$170

This monitor from Acer is the one I have in my home office. The image is clear and vivid, and it worked with my MacBook right away without having to download any external software.

HP Pavilion monitor

best monitor

Price: ~$99

This HP monitor is very similar to the Acer one, with vivid colors and an even more affordable price point. A few reviews suggest certain colors could look better, but overall users are satisfied with this monitor.

SideTrak portable monitor

best external monitors

Price: ~$393

If you’re on the move a lot (hello, digital nomads!), look into this portable monitor from SideTrak. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, and you don’t have to plug it in anywhere except your laptop. So even if you’re not at your home office, you can use the SideTrak portable monitor to create a second screen from anywhere.

Samsung 49-Inch Gaming Monitor

best external monitor

Price: ~$999

If you really want to feel like you could step through the looking glass and go into your computer, check out this huge 49-inch gaming monitor from Samsung. You could probably keep all your windows open on this one monitor without having to switch back and forth between screens at all.

Pro tip for MacBook users: If you have a newer Macbook with USB-C connectors, you might need an adapter to plug your monitor into your laptop. Here’s one to convert an HDMI plug and another for USB to USB-C.

8. Top picks for computer and monitor stands

As mentioned, a big part of an ergonomic desk set up is to make sure you’re looking straight on at your screen, rather than down. These stands raise your monitor or laptop a few inches so you can avoid hunching over while you work.

I also like my monitor stand as a spot to slide my keyboard under when I’m not using it. Or you can place little storage boxes or drawers underneath to organize your office supplies.

Whatever you choose, these stands can be an inexpensive and easy way to make your work space set-up more ergonomic.

home office tech essentials

Rain Design mStand

best computer stand

Price: ~$39

I use this computer stand from Rain Design to raise my laptop (5.9 inches) to eye level. It has a stylish design, and its back cable management hole makes it easy to organize wires.

AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand

best monitor stand

Price: ~$14

At just $14, this basic monitor stand from Amazon is a steal. It raises your monitor up 4.25 inches and can hold up to 40 pounds.

9. External keyboards

To protect your wrists and hands from the dreaded “carpal tunnel syndrome,” make sure you’re placing your arms at 90 degrees and keeping your wrists straight while you type. An external keyboard can help you maintain the right position and spread out your hands more than you would on a laptop. Here are a few picks for best keyboards for your home office.

Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard

home office tech essentials

best external keyboard 1

Price: ~$34

Logitech’s curvy design on this ergonomic keyboard helps eliminate wrist fatigue. It has three options for height, so you can choose the one that’s most comfortable. For an additional $10, you can throw in the matching mouse.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

best external keyboard

Price: ~$32

Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboard is another cushioned option designed to keep your hands, wrists, and forearms in line. While the split keyboard design might take some getting used to, the switch could be worth it to protect your hands and wrists, especially if you’re prone to carpal tunnel.

Apple Magic Keyboard

best external keyboard 2

Price: ~$89 for silver, ~$139 for space gray

If you’re addicted to the feel of a Mac keyboard, you might prefer to go with Apple’s Magic Keyboard. Honestly, these keyboards don’t seem particularly ergonomic, but there’s really no replacement for that Apple keyboard feel.

(If you like the feel and style of Apple but not the price, you could save some money with a Macally keyboard instead.)

10. Best ergonomic computer mouses

Like an external keyboard, an external mouse can also help you keep your hands in the right position as you surf the web. Here are a few of the best computer mouses to protect your wrists.

home office tech essentials

Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse

best ergonomic mouse 1

Price: ~$15

With the Jelly Comb wireless mouse, you’ll use a thumb-operated ball to scroll on your computer. While this positioning might take some getting used to, it’s designed to alleviate pressure in the wrist joint and keep your arms in a relaxed and neutral position. It also comes in a bunch of different colors so you can choose your favorite.

Logitech Wireless Trackball Mouse

best ergonomic mouses

Price: ~$13

This Logitech mouse shares a similar design to the Jelly Comb one, with a thumb-controlled scroll ball and a sculpted shape that helps you keep your wrists in a neutral position. It only uses a single AA battery, which could last up to 18 months of use.

VicTsing Ergonomic Mouse

best ergonomic mouse

Price: ~$13

If you don’t enjoy the thumb-controlled feature of the other mouses, look into the VicTsing ergonomic mouse. While it also has an ergonomic design, you can use a regular scroll controller or up and down buttons to scroll on your screen. It also automatically enters into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.

11. Blue-light filtering computer glasses

If you spend a lot of time on screens, you might be interested in blue-light filtering computer glasses. Although we need some blue light, too much can lead to insomnia, eye strain, and potentially long-term eye damage. These glasses protect your eyes from the ill effects of too much blue light.

PROSPEK Premium Computer Glasses

computer glasses

Price: ~$39

At a very reasonable price, PROSPEK glasses help block blue light so your eyes don’t feel strained at the end of the day. Unlike some other computer glasses, they don’t cause a yellow tint when you look through them. While most reviewers love these glasses, note that a couple have said they’re prone to smudging.

home office tech essentials

Felix Gray glasses

best computer glasses

Price: ~$95

If you’re willing to spend a little more for style, check out Felix Gray’s collection of blue-light filtering glasses. You’ll find a variety of Warby Parker-esque frames, and you can order them in non-prescription, prescription, or reading glasses.

Pro tip: There are also some cool apps that filter the blue light that comes out of your screen. Some even adjust the light on your screen depending on the time of day. The F.lux and Sunset Screen apps are a couple of the top ones.

12. Fitbits and smart watches

While a step-tracker isn’t an essential part of your home office, it could be a good idea for those looking to move more throughout the day. Fitbits, for instance,  remind you to get up and move every hour.

If you work on a remote team, it can also be fun to set up step challenges with your coworkers to get everyone moving. Some work from home companies even gift you a free Fitbit when you join their team!

Fitbit Alta HR- Small, Large

best fitbit

Price: ~$129 ($101 on sale)

The Fitbit Alta is great for people who want to track their steps, but don’t want a huge watch taking over their wrist. It’s small, comfortable to wear, and provides you with the basics of a step and distance tracker, including a heart rate monitor and the option to get text messages and know when you’re getting a call. The Alta HR can go up to seven days before it needs to be charged.

home office tech essentials

Fitbit Charge 3

best smart watches

Price: ~$128 – $149

A step up on the Fitbit food chain, the Charge 3 has a larger screen than the HR Alta, so you can more easily read your texts and track your steps, heart rate, and exercise, including running, biking, swimming (it’s waterproof!), and yoga. It can track your sleep patterns and even offers some apps, like weather, as well as a useful deep breathing exercise that helps you take calming breaks throughout the day.

Apple Watch Series 4

apple watch

Price: ~$399

For you fruit lovers, there’s always the Apple Watch, which comes with a GPS, a speaker, heartbeat sensors, music, and a plethora of apps that keep you connected and informed. It’s swim-proof and has lots of different workout options, including competitions with friends.

Fitbit Versa

best smart watch

Price: ~$169

If you like the Apple Watch, but don’t like the price, the Fitbit Versa gives you practically the same product, but for much less money. The waterproof Versa can do everything the other Fitbits can do (exercise, heart rate, and sleep tracking), but it also lets you play music right from your watch and can connect to your phone’s GPS to track your workouts.

What’s more, the Versa has on-screen coaching for different workouts, and it lets you make secure payments without needing to take your wallet with you.

Samsung Gear S2

best step tracker

Price: ~$369

If you have a Samsung phone and want a watch that plays nicely with it, Samsung makes the Gear 2 smartwatch. As can be expected, you get all of your phone notifications, and you can also pay for stuff through Samsung Pay wherever you could use a credit card. This watch tracks steps and heart rate and offers text message replies when you can’t get to your phone.

13. Posture correction devices

If you’re struggling to maintain good posture while you work, consider one of these posture correcting devices to remind you to sit up straight.

home office tech essentials


upright go

Price: ~$79

You place this small device on your upper back, and it sends you gentle vibration reminders when you start slouching. According to the company, 8 out of 10 users saw their posture improve by 92% in less than 2 weeks.

This wearable device also tracks your progress over time, and it comes up with a training program with daily goals to improve your posture.

Gearari posture corrector

posture correction

Price: ~$14

This FDA-approved posture brace helps you sit up straight while strengthening your shoulders, neck, and back. While most users report good experiences with this brace, a few said the one-size-fits-all sizing model didn’t work for them.

Boost productivity and protect your posture with these home office tech essentials

Working from home gives you the freedom to design a schedule and home office that works for you. But all the options for home office equipment can get overwhelming fast, especially if you’re looking for products that both look and feel good.

Hopefully this list of home office tech essentials has pointed you in the right direction when it comes to the best standing desks, external keyboards, and other home office necessities. Building your home office might not happen overnight, but over time you can craft the perfect workspace for you.

Alicia Gallup also contributed to this article.