Who I Am

remote jobsHi! I’m Rebecca. I’m a full-time writer who loves the location independent lifestyle. Whether that means working from home or another country, I value the freedom to work from wherever I want.  Since I’m passionate about writing and travel, this career path is the perfect match.

But I didn’t always feel balance between my work and personal life. I struggled to navigate the years after college and figure out the right path. I knew the 9 to 5 wasn’t right for me, but it was tough to find a legitimate alternative. Fortunately, I snagged an online writing job that grew into a full-time role.

Although I had some concerns at first, I’ve grown to love working remotely. It’s great to set my own schedule and mix up my environments. Instead of running out the clock in an office, I can work from wherever and whenever I’m most productive.

As it turns out, the remote work movement has blossomed over the past few years. More people are working from home than ever before, and employers increasingly offer location flexibility as a workplace perk. Many people develop full-fledged careers, often in creative or technical fields, entirely from the comfort of their couch — or a beach in Bali!

If you’re eager to get away from the office, welcome! I hope I can help you, too, find your remote bliss.


My work has been featured in U.S. NewsCBS NewsHuffington PostMarketWatchUSA TodayBusiness InsiderStudent Loan Hero, LevoMs. Career GirlCredit.comPrepScholar, and The Cheat Sheet. I primarily write about career development, personal finance, education, and travel.

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