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With AI tools on the rise and online communication tools making us more connected than ever, it’s becoming increasingly possible to start your own business from home. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you might be eager to work for yourself and set a schedule that works around your and your family’s need. 

Imagine being able to stop working to feed your baby without having to go pump in a supply closet your company calls a lactation room. Or skipping the daily commute and gaining back hours with your family that you’d usually spend sitting in traffic.

If you’d like to turn your talents into a side hustle (or full-time business), the sites and services listed below can be a huge help. They offer useful advice on how to start a blog, market your business through social media, and network with other “mom-trepreneurs” to launch and grow your successful business.

6 most useful sites for mom-trepreneurs

Whether you need inspiration, technical skills, or a network of supportive ladies cheering you on, these services provide all that and more for mom entrepreneurs looking to start a business from home.

1. Pepperlane

Pepperlane features mom entrepreneurs who specialize in everything from event planning to dog walking to home cookery. Their slogan is, “Where motherhood is good for business.”

The founders— three mom-trepreneurs themselves— believe the only way to live in a world that’s more supportive of mothers is to build it amongst ourselves. They offer loads of networking opportunities for mothers to meet and assist one another in expanding their businesses.

Besides featuring advice on how to start your own company, Pepperlane helps its members build blogs to showcase their talents. Plus, Pepperlane features their members’ websites to help them gain exposure and get hired.

You can sign up with Pepperlane to build your business or hire local moms. Or you can just get involved to support this amazing movement. Although Pepperlane is currently free of charge, they will begin charging for membership later this year. Hurry to sign up so you can get “grandmothered” in for free before it’s too late!

2. The Founding Moms

The Founding Moms offers networking within its community of over 11,000 mom entrepreneurs who are working to become “branding bosses” and to build better businesses. They offer 24/7 advice about marketing, branding, and sales.

For a membership of $35/month, you’ll be able to connect with mom entrepreneurs who’ve succeeded at establishing their businesses and build connections within its ever-growing network of mom-owned companies.

The ladies who run this site are super responsive and easy to get ahold of. They even offer live chat when you visit their site — I was able to connect with someone to find out more about them in a snap.

Try a free week of membership with The Foundings Moms with this code: “awesomeweek”.

3. Business Among Moms

Business Among Moms (BAM) is another professional networking organization for mothers who are aspiring entrepreneurs. For a $20/month membership, you get,

  • An ad in their business directory (which has over 35,000 followers)
  • Networking opportunities in their private Facebook group
  • Access to online webinars to help build your business
  • Opportunities to attend conferences and network with other mom entrepreneurs

Like Pepperlane, BAM’s mom entrepreneurs can hire one another for their services through the site. They’ve started local chapters in cities across the country (check here to see if there’s one near you), and they offer online support forums as well as loads of great articles about how to build, expand, and market your business ideas.

4. Etsy

When it comes to growing a small business from home with super flexible hours, we really can’t leave out Etsy, a marketplace which has revolutionized at-home business growth for mothers who are also talented craftswomen and artists. With an Etsy account, you can make your crafts right at home and ship them to your online customers.

The site collects a small fee for covering transaction costs, listing your products, and processing payments. Other than that, your profits go straight to your bank account. An online shop on Etsy gives you the flexibility and creativity that many stay at home mom artists and artisans enjoy.

5. Project Eve

Project Eve offers lots of well-researched and helpful career advice, covering topics like how to build a website, create a unique brand, use social media effectively to market your business, and find a healthy balance between work and parenting.

Whether you need information or just a burst of inspiration, Project Eve is there for you.

6. Dutiee

Dutiee, like Project Eve, is a great resource for mom entrepreneurs looking to grow a startup that works toward improving the “social good.” Dutiee offers articles with tips about fundraising, marketing, and expanding your business. It also discusses how socially conscious companies can make the world a better place.

Starting your own business is within your reach

You got this! Turning your brilliant business idea into a reality is totally doable, and these mom-centered sites can help you get the job done. Use them for advice on creating a brand, marketing your skills, and building a support network of mom entrepreneurs.

And if you’re looking for a location-independent job before your side hustle takes off, check out this list of flexible stay at home mom jobs that pay well.