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Nomad Culture: An Inspiring Lifestyle Brand for Digital Nomads

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Digital nomads come in all shapes and sizes, from the hustling entrepreneur to the multi-tasking freelancer to the online English teacher chatting with students all over the world. But one thing this diverse group of people have in common is a passion for location independence.

Clothing and lifestyle brand Nomad Culture captures this free-spirited ethos perfectly with its inspiring apparel and gear. With its motivational T-shirts, hoodies, and mugs, Nomad Culture celebrates the sense of freedom that defines digital nomad culture.

I spoke with Marlon, who cofounded Nomad Culture with his wife Stefany, about their new apparel company, along with what drives them as digital nomads and parents to a two-year-old daughter.


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Nomad Culture celebrates the digital nomad lifestyle

Husband and wife team Marlon and Stefany started Nomad Culture to celebrate digital nomad culture and values.

“Nomad Culture is an apparel store that showcases the collective spirit of liberty that’s felt by all location-independent workers who get to choose how and where they work,” said Marlon.

After noticing a lack of clothing that spoke to the remote lifestyle, this entrepreneurial duo decided to create it themselves.

“In the process of creating designs for ourselves, we realized that this would be something that others would want as well, and naturally we saw enough interest to know this was worth spending time on,” Marlon said.

From T-shirts that proclaim “The World Is My Office “ to hoodies that say “Catch Flights, Not Meetings“ to mugs reminding you to “Slay From Home” as you drink your morning coffee, you can celebrate the remote lifestyle through their original, one-of-a-kind designs.


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Balancing work, travel, and parenting

While some digital nomads live out of their suitcase, Marlon and Stefany prefer to travel while keeping their home base in Florida.

“We’ve got a two-year-old daughter, so it’s been a learning process to figure out the best way to really balance it all,” said Marlon. “Stefany owns her own business and I work for a company where everyone works remote.”

Since they’re able to design their own schedule, the pair gets to spend more time together, do the things they like to do, and take trips all over the country and world.

“Travel is within our core and we take many long trips throughout the year where we can also work and live from in order to get that change of pace,” Marlon said. “It gives us the change and exhilaration that we value so much.”

Leaving the 9 to 5 was a game changer

Before going remote, Marlon and Stefany worked traditional 9 to 5 jobs in offices. But a series of health issues forced them to step back and reevaluate their priorities.

“We started taking the non-traditional work route after a series of health issues, but even after the issues were gone, we realized that working remotely could provide a life that was just so much more fulfilling to us,” said Marlon.

While office life had them feeling trapped, going remote opened up a world of freedom and flexibility.

“There was power in knowing that the whole world was there for us to explore, without regard for vacation days or PTO,” he added.

Now, they explore the globe while exposing their daughter to diverse cultures and making friends in all different places. And they can prioritize their health and wellness more now, too.

“We get to work on ourselves and each other, and there’s been a lot more focus on clean eating, exercise, and overall good health,” Marlon said.


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Exploring the world, one country at a time

To date, the family has visited 15 countries and hundreds of cities around the world. While all their trips have a special place in their heart, two favorites were Cambodia and South Africa.

“We went to Siem Reap and surrounding areas where we saw the beautiful temples of Angkor Wat, but we learned so much from the incredible people we met and showed us so much of their culture,” said Marlon.

Their recent South Africa trip was also memorable, especially since they were able to share it with their daughter.

“Just recently, we went to South Africa, and it was just incredible to witness so much wildlife with our 2-year old who is obsessed with animals,” he added. “We had a chance to see the natural beauty that only exists in such few places and we were even lucky enough to photograph a critically endangered black rhino in the wild.”

Along with traveling, Marlon and Stefany love teaching their daughter to be curious about the world around her and to forge her own path.


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Inspiring other digital nomads to pursue their dreams

With their latest venture Nomad Culture, Marlon and Stefany want to support digital nomads and inspire people to follow their dreams of location independence.

“Anyone who wants to live this lifestyle absolutely can!” said Marlon. “There are so many remote jobs available now that cater to a wide range of different industries. There are ways that people can open their own business online with ease.”

Along with finding a remote job or starting a business, Marlon encourages aspiring remote workers to challenge the conventional definition of work.

“It’s just a matter of prioritizing your life so that you are able to think outside the constraints of the 9-5 fixed mindset,” he said.

And Marlon and Stefany are living proof that this borderless lifestyle can work for families as well as for individuals.

“For any people out there that are parents, this has been the best thing we could have ever done so far for our daughter’s future, as she gets to be part of our life full-time and has learned so much because of it.”

Whether you’re already a globe-trotting digital nomad or are just starting to daydream about the remote lifestyle, check out Nomad Culture for apparel and gear that celebrates the freedom, flexibility, and joy of a location-independent lifestyle.