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Along with setting “objectives and key results” (OKRs), your organization needs a way to monitor and measure team goals. OKR software makes it easy to set, track, and evaluate goals on both the team and individual level. With the right software tool, your company will have a centralized place to keep track of its OKRs. 

The best OKR software offers: 

  • The ability to set, track, monitor and score OKRs at every level of your organization
  • Reports to measure your team’s progress and see the big picture 
  • 360 degree visibility of OKRs across the entire company with detailed analytics

With these factors in mind, I’ve rounded up the nine best OKR software available today. 

9 best OKR software

Some of the top OKR software that organizations of all sizes rely on are:


okr software

With, you can ensure complete alignment within your organization using “Aligned OKRs.” With this software, you can set company-level OKRs that trickle down to individual contributors. This tool helps you focus on outcomes and results, and it integrates with other business apps so that you can easily adopt it across your organization. 


  • Can fit seamlessly into the workflow of your company
  • Integrates with more than 30 other productivity and business tools, such as Slack and Jira
  • Dashboards offer real time progress on OKRs across every level of your company
  • Uses task management software to make the team’s work more efficient


pricing plans for okr software

Apart from the free trial, there are four packages you can pick from: Launch, Growth, and Enterprise.

  • Launch: Free for up to 5 users
  • Growth: $9/month when billed monthly or $7/month when billed annually
  • Enterprise: Contact for custom pricing 

2. Mirro

mirro software for okrs

Mirro’s easy-to-use dashboard will bring transparency to your company’s OKR implementation and tracking. With Mirro, you can start with an objective, add key results, and track your progress over the quarter. You’ll also get access to other powerful performance management and streamlined HR tools.


  • Onboarding management and automated review reminders
  • A vast employee database
  • Role-based permissions
  • Performance journaling


cost of mirro okr software

Mirro offers a Standard plan and a Plus plan. The Standard plan costs $9/month when billed monthly or $7/month when billed annually. The Plus plan costs $11/month when billed monthly or $9/month when billed on a yearly basis. 

3. Hirebook

hirebook's okr software

Hirebook is a people-focused platform that helps companies manage their teams with check-ins, OKRs, KPIs, and action items, all united in a comprehensive meeting tool. This software allows managers to check in with employees, provides dedicated space to share progress and discuss employee development, and integrates OKRs to align strategy across the company. Hirebook’s features are useful for any organization looking to improve engagement.


  • Offers contact with remote teams while helping them develop autonomy and self-manage their task progress
  • Provides insights into your departments, teams, and individuals
  • Includes customizable check-ins by department, team, or individual to provide authentic employee feedback
  • Gives all team members the ability to check in through asynchronous conversations


cost of hirebook

Hirebook offers 2 plans: Business and Enterprise. The Business plan costs $15 per month when billed monthly.

4. Asana

asana software

Asana aids teams in managing anything from daily tasks to long-term strategic initiatives. With Asana, teams can stay organized and collaborate on projects, no matter where they are located. Organizations across 190 countries use Asana to manage product launches, marketing campaigns, and company objectives.


  • Monitors the progress and status of key initiatives in real time
  • Lets you build Gantt charts
  • Tracks work in Kanban boards
  • Streamlines processes, reduces errors and helps you spend less time on routine tasks


cost of asana software

Asana comes with three plans:

  • Basic plan: Free
  • Premium plan: $13.49 per month (or $10.99 per month if billed annually)
  • Business plan: $30.49 per month (or $24.99 per month if billed annually)

5. Appreiz

appreiz okr software

Appreiz is one of the best OKR software for performance management across your team. It provides a straightforwasrd but powerful platform that teams can use to set and track goals. Appreiz’s OKR software integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams.


  • Competency management, goal setting, individual development plans, learning management, and performance management
  • Custom rating scales, customizable templates, individual development plans, objective/goal setting, on-going performance tracking
  • Employee Performance Management Software that managers and team members can use to set team and/or individual goals and track progress towards achieving them 
  • HR Analytics Tool that provides people insights for managers
  • Dashboard with insights for talent identification, talent promotion, and learning and development


appreiz pricing

Apart from the free trial, Appreiz offers a few packages:

  • Applause: $90 per month
  • Perform: $150 per month
  • Engage: $225 per month  
  • Coach: Custom pricing 

6. Trello

trello software

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. With Trello, you can easily see what’s being worked on and who’s working on which project. Trello neatly organizes your projects, tasks and teams so their progress is easily visible. Because it’s so intuitive to use, it’s also easy to onboard new team members and have them using Trello quickly.


  • Powers your teams by linking their favorite tools with Trello plug-ins
  • You can view your teams’ projects from every angle
  • You can give your team a blueprint for success with templates from industry leaders and the Trello community
  • Trello offers automating tasks and workflow with Butler automation


pricing of trello

Apart from the free version, Trello has a few packages:

  • Standard: $6 per user per month (or $5 if billed annually)
  • Premium: $12.50 per user per month (or $10 if billed annually)
  • Enterprise: $17.50 per month, billed annually 

7. Jira

atlassian jira

Teams of all sizes rely on Jira to manage every stage of their workflow. With native roadmaps, Jira makes it easy for teams to manage projects and track the big picture. The tool’s no-code automation engine enables teams to save time and increase power by automating any task or process with a few clicks. 


  • Includes flexible kanban boards that give your team full visibility into what’s next so you can continuously deliver maximum output in minimal time
  • With customizable scrum boards, agile teams can stay focused on delivering iterative and incremental value
  • Jira offers roadmaps that connect to your team’s work, sketch out the big picture, and communicate plans with stakeholders


jira okr software cost

Jira offers multiple plans from a free one that can be used by up to 10 users, to an enterprise one that is available on a global scale.

  • Standard plan: $7.50 per user per month (on average)
  • Premium: $14.50 per user per month (on average)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing 

8. ProjectManager

project manager software

ProjectManager is an online project and work management software with reporting and collaboration abilities. With cloud-based project planning, workflow management, resource management and time tracking tools, this software helps remote teams work together successfully. Companies in over 100 countries rely on ProjectManager to make data-driven decisions for their projects.


  • Allows you to make schedules with milestones and dependencies
  • Includes a drag and drop timelines for quick changes
  • This tool tracks tasks, budgets and teams, adds descriptions, comments and attachments and organize tasks from multiple projects
  • You can create timesheet reports for in-depth analysis and streamline project budgeting and payroll


cost of project manager software

This software offers multiple plans ranging from a free one that can be used by up to 3 users, to an enterprise one that is customizable.

  • Team: $11.50 per user per month
  • Business: $20.50 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing 

9. Trakstar Performance Management

trakstar software

Trakstar’s performance management software can help motivate and engage employees. With unlimited online performance reviews, automated workflows and reports, Trakstar helps you manage performance reviews easily, whether you have dozens or thousands of employees in your organization. You can use this software to increase employee engagement, streamline goal management and create an environment of real-time feedback to drive business growth.


  • 360 degree and anonymous feedback
  • Competency management and benchmarking
  • Customizable templates
  • Employee database, management, profiles and recognition
  • Goal setting, tracking and management
  • Individual development plans
  • KPI monitoring


trakstar performance management pricing

Request a demo on Trakstar’s website to find out the price for your organization. 

OKR Software FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Still have questions about the best OKR software? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. 

What is OKR Software?

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal system that many organizations use to create alignment throughout their organization. With OKRs, teams can set and track measurable goals and ensure that everything has clear goals and priorities. OKR software helps employees and managers track OKRs on both the team and individual level, as well as evaluate their progress as they go along. 

What is task management software?

Task management software, such as Asana and Trello, helps companies manage and schedule projects, track progress, monitor resources, and keep track of milestones. This article explains more about task and team management software that can help organizations thrive.