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In this Omnisend review, we’ll take a close look at Omnisend’s features, pros, cons and more so you can decide if this marketing automation tool is right for you and your business. 

Omnisend is a leading tool for e-commerce email marketing, SMS and automation. If you’re a business that sells products or services, Omnisend could help you seamlessly manage your online presence from one place. 

From social media to SMS messages to email funnels, Omnisend makes it easy to convert site visitors into paying customers. Let’s take a closer look at how Omnisend works, including its key features, pros, cons, pricing and more. 

Omnisend review: What is Omnisend?

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Omnisend, previously known as Soundest, was launched in 2014 as an email marketing service provider. The platform helps e-commerce marketers develop customer relationships and grow sales. 

Since it launched, Omnisend has grown to be a leader in the email marketing sector, catering to businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to large organizations.

Although it started as an email marketing platform, Omnisend now offers “omni-channel” promotion to reach a broader range of customers. (Omnichannel refers to a multichannel approach to sales, including social media and SMS in addition to email.)

You can drive sales on autopilot and send personalized messages to subscribers across multiple channels with the platform. Omnisend also has various built-in templates that you can use to create personalized emails. Plus, it integrates with a variety of other softwares and applications. 

Key Features

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Omnisend is a comprehensive tool with a wide range of useful features for marketers. Along with its email marketing, Omnisend’s features include:  

Marketing Automation

With Omnisend’s marketing automation, you can create multi-channel workflows for your audience. You can create your own workflows from scratch, or use pre-built templates for your, 

  • Message details
  • Subject lines
  • Workflow settings

Some Omnisend pre-built workflows include: 

  • Welcome message templates for new subscribers
  • Sample message for shoppers who view your products but don’t make a purchase
  • Message for shoppers who add items to their cart but don’t buy 
  • Order and shipping confirmation messages

You can customize all of these templates with a simple drag-and-drop editor. You can also use Omnisend’s optimization features to try automation splits or A/B split testing. 

With these split testing capabilities, you can tailor personalized messages to subscribers and figure out which ones result in the most conversions. omnisend workflow

Smart Segmentation

Omnisend makes it easy to tailor your emails according to your customers’ needs. With its smart segmentation feature, you can divide and categorize your subscriber list and create different campaigns for each segment.

For example, you could divide your list based on, 

  • Customer profile data
  • Shopping history
  • Demographics
  • Purchasing habits

The smart segmentation feature has an auto-renewal segment that can categorize customers, followers or subscribers based on factors like,

  • The channel used to communicate with your enterprise
  • How subscribers respond to your email marketing campaigns

This smart segmentation helps you create personalized campaigns tailored to specific target audiences.  

Intelligent Reporting

Omnisend’s intelligent reporting combines business analytics, insights and segmentation to help you better understand your audience. This tool creates reports that reveal how your audience engages with your site.

The report contains metrics on,

  • Sales funnels
  • Product analytics
  • Retention analytics
  • Customer life-cycle stages

You’ll see which products perform the best in your store (and which perform the worst). With intelligent reporting, you can assess your business and email marketing campaigns and see what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Integration With Other Apps

You can easily integrate Omnisend with a variety of customer relationship management (CRM) software, e-commerce platforms, logistics and shipping services, and other tools. Omnisend integrates especially well with Shopify, detecting actions such as when a customer makes a purchase or leaves an item in their cart (you can set both these actions as a trigger for an automated message). 

You can also connect Omnisend with Zapier and automatically import contacts from the other tools you use in your business.  

Web Forms and Landing Pages

With Omnisend, you can create lead capture forms, banners, landing pages and other web forms to capture subscribers. You can design forms from scratch or customize Omnisend’s various templates. You can also create embed forms for new and retargeting ads on social media. 

Pros of Omnisend

Omnisend has several advantages that make it an industry leaders in email marketing for e-commerce businesses. 

Easy to Use 

Omnisend has a clean, modern, and straightforward design, making it easy for new users to navigate the software. It has a number of pre-built email templates and workflows you can use and customize to match your branding. And its easy automations can save you tons of time when it comes to marketing to your subscribers.

Premium Automation

You can easily harness the power of automation with Omnisend, building customized automated messages within its automation editor. The editor lets you add and remove channels, close messages and adjust your automation sequences. You don’t need any coding skills, because everything in the editor is visual. 


Omnisend has a centralized dashboard that lets you track multiple channels under one roof. You can track analytics and send your customers message on their channel of choice, such as social media, text messages or email. 

Ease of Integration

You can easily integrate Omnisend with over 30 applications. These include:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce 
  • LeadSlide
  • Limespot
  • LiveChat
  • OpenCart

You can also merge Omnisend with multiple communication and social media platforms, such as Facebook.

Free Plan and Affordable Pricing

Omnisend’s pricing plans are competitive considering its rich features and capabilities. It offers a free plan that lets you send up to 500 emails per month. Its paid plans start at just $16 per month.  

Product Picker Feature

Omnisend’s product picker feature makes it easy to promote specific products in your customer newsletters. After you select the product, the product picker will include it, along with its name, price, photo and description. This feature saves you the time of inserting product details into your newsletters manually. 

Simplified Software Migration

If you’re already using another email marketing platform, Omnisend makes it easy to migrate to its platform. You can switch platforms without losing your data and contact Omnisend’s 24/7 support if you need help. 

Cons of Omnisend

No Omnisend review would be complete without a look at its cons. Even the best marketing tools have limitations, and Omnisend is no different. Here are a few potential downsides of this automation tool:

Limited Email Templates

While Omnisend has visually appealing email templates, its options are somewhat limited compared to some of its competitors. While the platform lets you create your own designs from scratch, this might be difficult for users with no experience with email design. 

Lack of Update Change logs

When you update an application, the change log provides information on the new features and changes. Some users have said that Omnisend doesn’t let them know when it updates its software, which can lead to confusion navigating the software. 

Some channel Limitations

Omnisend comes with a few restrictions around some of its channels:

  • Only select territories have customer sender names
  • Only Shopify and API integrations support web push notifications and Facebook retargeting
  • iOS does not support Omnisend’s web push technology

Omnisend review of customer support 

omnisend customer support

Great customer support is an important feature when selecting an email marketing tool. There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving automated responses from a customer support robot when you need urgent assistance. 

When you contact Omnisend support, you get to talk to real humans via email or online chat. They have an average response time of just five minutes.

Omnisend also assigns Enterprise and Pro users a dedicated account manager to resolve their problems promptly. In Omnisend’s help center, you can also find a collection of useful articles to help you navigate the software and troubleshoot any issues. 

Omnisend Pricing

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Omnisend offers flexible pricing plans depending on your business needs. The platform adjusts the price according to the number of contacts you have.

It has three pricing tiers, including a,

  • Free plan 
  • Standard plan, starting at $16/month
  • Pro plan, starting at $59/month

On the free plan, users can reach up to 250 contacts and send up to 500 emails each month. On this plan, you will have access to Omnisend’s automation and segmentation tools, as well as its landing pages and signup boxes/popups. To reach more contacts and send more emails, you can upgrade to one of its premium plans. 

Omnisend Alternatives

If Omnisend doesn’t suit your needs, there are several other email marketing tools you can consider, such as Sendinblue or Mailchimp. Let’s take a closer look at how these tools compare to Omnisend.


Sendinblue is an email marketing platform with over 80,000 customers. Its features include:

  • Web forms and landing pages creation
  • Mobile optimized emails
  • Subscriber management
  • Reporting/analytics

Omnisend vs. Sendinblue

The main differences between the two email marketing tools include:

  • Sendinblue limits free trial users to 300 emails a day, while Omnisend lets free trial users send 2,000 emails a day.
  • Omnisend pricing depends on the number of contacts you have, while Sendinblue’s pricing depends on the number of emails you send


Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform with over 11 million active users. It has features such as:

  • Email tracking
  • Custom reports
  • Automation
  • Custom forms

Mailchimp vs. Omnisend

Some differences when comparing Mailchimp vs. Ominsend: 

  • Mailchimp is more focused on small businesses, while Omnisend targets e-commerce businesses with premium features such as its product picker.
  • Omnisend can be easily integrated with Shopify, while Mailchimp lacks direct Shopify integration (you’ll need to use a third-party app).
  • Mailchimp limits free trial users to 12,000 emails per month, while Omnisend has a free plan that lets you send up to 500 emails per month to up to 250 contacts. 

For additional options, head to my recommendations for the best email marketing tools for bloggers and businesses.

How to Sign Up for Omnisend

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If you’ve read through this Omnisend review and decided to give the software a try, you can sign up by heading to Omnisend’s website and clicking on “Get Started” or “Start Free Trial.” You can also download Omnisend’s app and sign up from the app. Either way, you’ll be prompted to provide your personal details and then set up your login credentials.

You don’t need to enter your credit card details; you can decide whether to sign up for a premium plan at the end of your free trial. 

Try a 14-Day Free Trial of Omnisend

Bottom Line: Is Omnisend Good or Not?

omnisend review

Omnisend is a great email marketing platform for online store owners. It’s especially useful for Shopify users because of its direct integration.

Omnisend has plenty of templates for customer reactivation, order follow-up, cross-selling, and more. It can enhance your lead generation and promote your business’s performance. 

If you don’t have an online store, Omnisend might not be the best email marketing tool for you. You might prefer a simpler email marketing tool that doesn’t have all the e-commerce features that Omnisend offers. 

But if you’re looking to promote your e-commerce business with multi-channel marketing (emails, SMS, and social media), Omnisend can help you reach your business goals. 

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