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My first remote job was as a part-time content writer for a new blog. I worked between 10 and 20 hours per week while studying for my Master’s degree.

As the blog grew, I learned a lot about what worked and what didn’t work with our audience. It was exciting to be part of a project from the start and help it succeed.

Plus, I was able to test the waters of remote work while supporting myself through grad school. Because I enjoyed the work so much, I ended up committing to it when it turned into a full-time position.

Part-time jobs from home can be perfect if you’re juggling other responsibilities or just want a taste of online work before committing to it. The list below has 10 part-time work from home jobs for college grads — some might even hire you before you finish your degree.

While these jobs aren’t the only ones you can do from home, they do share one important feature — all of them pay $16 per hour or more.

1. Social media specialist

If you’re savvy with #branding, a side job as a social media specialist could be perfect for you. Companies hire part-time social media specialists to manage their Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other accounts. You’ll promote brands and products, plus you’ll communicate with customers and other companies. Most companies prefer applicants with a marketing or communications degree. According to FlexJobs and Payscale, social media specialists with a part-time work from home job make $16.28 per hour.

2. College counselor

Remember the stressful college application process in high school? You could get a part-time work from home job as a college counselor navigating current high school students through their college apps. You might speak with students over the phone or Skype, or you could communicate through email and Google docs. You’ll help students put together their applications, write college essays, and figure out who to ask for recommendations.

3. Academic or test prep tutor

Whatever your specialty — whether it’s biology or the SAT — you can find a part-time online tutoring job. Many online tutoring companies are looking for tutors with Bachelor’s degrees and flexible availability. Some tutoring companies include Chegg, InstaEdu, A Pass Educational Group, Manhattan Prep, and Magoosh. You can usually set your own schedule and make decent pay — math tutors, for instance, make a median wage of $17.28 per hour.

4. English as a Second Language teacher

In addition to tutoring companies, there are also lots of education groups that connect native English speakers with ESL students. You might teach English to students across the globe. If you’re really interested in this path, a TEFL certificate will go a long way. Online ESL teachers tend to make between $17 and $20 per hour.

5. Marketing consultant

If you majored in marketing or communications, you could leverage your education into a part-time work from home job as a marketing consultant. Marketing consultants help manage social media, email newsletters, and advertising campaigns. You might need specialized knowledge in a certain industry. According to Payscale, marketing consultants make a median salary of $34.57 per hour.

6. Writer

Writer salaries vary widely, but the median writer makes $20.34 per hour. You must be comfortable doing research on your own and drafting original content. A part-time work from home job as a writer can be a great way to get your foot in the industry and build your portfolio. Plus, you might connect with clients who give you assignments on a regular basis.

7. Interpreter

¿Hablas español? Parlez-vous français? Peut-être l’italien? If you speak another language, you could find a part-time work from home job as an interpreter. You might even snag this role before you graduate with your Bachelor’s degree. According to FlexJobs and Payscale, a Greek interpreter, to give one example, makes about $20 per hour. 

8. Proofreader

If you have an eagle eye for spelling and grammar, you could find online work as a proofreader. You might need specialized knowledge in an industry, or just a strong grasp of the English language. Median pay is just over $17 per hour.

9. Image reviewer

If your skills lie more in the visual arena, you could find part-time work as an image reviewer. Media outlets and stock photo sites often hire people to review image quality and double-check metadescriptions. These roles pay a median of $16.47 per hour, according to Payscale.

10. Virtual assistant

Are you savvy with scheduling and obsessed with organization? Virtual assistants help businesses succeed and support entrepreneurs with a wide range of tasks. You must be interested in customer service and administration; a background in project management could help, too. Check out Worldwide 101 or Virtual Office Temps for part-time work from home jobs as a virtual assistant. Many pay $20 per hour or more, and you can work from wherever you’ve got phone and internet.

Make extra income with part-time jobs from home

This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to part-time jobs from home. Plus, more and more jobs are moving online than ever before.

A part-time job can supplement your income or help you pay tuition as a student. Or it can give you a taste of an industry before you commit full-time.

To find even more opportunities, check out the best websites for finding legitimate work from home jobs.