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Now that the infamous 2020 is in the rearview mirror, we find solace in the fresh start that 2021 delivers.

For some, winter is still on. While we are making and breaking New Year’s resolutions and fighting the inevitable January blues, remote workers still have to transition to the new normal of their lives and figure out how to stay creative and productive, regardless of the weather.

You can never go wrong with the popular combo of magnesium, vitamin D, and a daily dose of fresh air, but if you want to go the extra mile and get expert advice on the topic, we have something for you.

The editorial team at Bannersnack reached out to 11 marketing experts, asking them: “How do you manage to stay productive and creative during the winter season?”.

Below is a sneak peek at their insightful recommendations for you to read and adjust to your heart’s desire:

productive during winter

1. Turn Frustration Into Creative and Disruptive Content

Jay Acunzo, Founder of Marketing Showrunners, encourages turning frustration into creative and disruptive content while making a mark on the world for the better.

2. Put a Visual Spin on It

Advice from Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Orbit Media Studios, Inc, translates into putting the visual imaginary at work. The power of visualization is praised more than ever in dozens of fields, and it’s gaining ground even among skeptics. Remote workers can harness visualization and get more clarity by generating a visual mental replica of their goals.

3. Use Winter’s Slower Pace to Your Advantage

Jay Baer, the founder at Convince and Convert, bets on turning wintertime’s slower pace into your advantage. Without the sunny distractions, you can embrace stillness and let the flow of creativity and productivity emerge.

4. Reframe Stress as Productive — Winter’s Superpower

Lauren Branich, Director of Digital Marketing and Business Development at NewsCenter1 Media Group, takes a different approach to stress and suggests regarding it as a stimulus, taking each day as a fresh start.

5. Wind Down a Little

Margaret Petta, Digital Marketing Specialist at Rocket Digital, advocates for taking breaks and giving yourself some time out by putting your mind at rest and take short breaks; they may spark even unexpected creativity. There must be some truth in that theory, as the most creative ideas often pop up in the shower.

6. Use Strategic Planning to Boost Creativity

You may not think of it this way. Still, creativity goes hand in hand with good daily habits such as a good sleep routine, physical activity, and journaling. Heidi Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer at Actionable Marketing Guide, puts the finger on efficient planning for boosting creativity.

7. Expect the Unexpected

Make room for unplanned downtime; it can turn into a veritable refresh button for all your to-dos. Bjarke Bekhøj, Direktør, Partner at Become ApS, is rooting for a balance between work and time off. Another secret of the trade would be to get exposed to external stimuli in your field of interest that can unconsciously crawl inside your head and inspire you.

8. Switch on Energy-Saving Mode

Think of it as “biohacking” your brain and body to optimize performance and use energy in line with priorities, says Marijana Kay, a freelance SaaS content marketer.

9. Do a Social Media Detox

Long winter days can come with a snowball effect in terms of social media intake, which can take a toll on productivity. Andréa Jones, Social Media Strategist, says the secret to boosting your creative and productive flow is taking a social media break every now and then.

10. Listen to Your Body

Brittany Berger, founder of Work Brighter and Content Marketing Strategist, tells us to rely on and trust our bio-rhythms. Let your body be the guide to good health and peace of mind, and productivity will follow.

 11. Embrace Work-Life Balance

Doriana Antohi, a Product Marketing Specialist at Bannersnack, advises us to find our work-life balance and determine the tricky mechanism of knowing when to unplug. Challenge accepted!

Final Thoughts

So, what’s next?

A new and hardly predictable 2021, maybe topped with some winter blues messing with your creative and productive flow? Is there a cure for this complex condition?

I hate to break it to you, but there is no secret formula for staying productive and creative during winter, other than getting inspired, finding what works for you, and adjusting to your reality.

The pandemic turned into a visceral reminder that unexpected things can land in our way and that versatility is a significant asset. Turn the tables and start the new year with a crisp view of both productivity and creativity.

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