how to start a blog

How to Start Your Awesome Blog: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Are you ready to turn your amazing idea for a blog into a reality?

Even if you have no idea how to start a blog, I’ve got good news for you: Starting your blog is the easy part. You definitely don’t need to be a tech wizard to register a domain name or design an eye-catching website.

Of course, sticking to a regular publishing schedule can be a different story (hello, procrastination!). But getting your blog up and running online is easy and doesn’t take much time at all.

If you’re ready to join the community of bloggers who write and make money online, read on to learn how to start a blog, step by step. Continue reading “How to Start Your Awesome Blog: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide”

how to sell clothes online

How to Sell Clothes Online and Make Money From Home

Are you clearing out your closet and wondering how to sell clothes online? Whether you’re spring cleaning or inspired by Marie Kondo’s latest bestseller (does it spark joy?), you could make money from the old outfits in your closet.

In fact, secondhand clothing marketplaces make it easier than ever to sell clothes online, with many taking care of all the logistics — photos, price-setting, shipping, etc. — for you.  There are even specialized online shops, with some that specifically feature kids’ clothes and others that help you sell designer clothes online.

Here are 14 of the best online consignment stores and e-commerce sites, followed by some tips on successfully making money on your wardrobe. (If you’d rather give away old outfits in person, scroll to the bottom for some brick-and-mortar secondhand stores to sell your used clothes!) Continue reading “How to Sell Clothes Online and Make Money From Home”