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Work Remotely? These Places Will Pay You $10,000 to Move There

Working remotely comes with a ton of benefits. You can ditch your commute, work from wherever you want, and manage your time on your own schedule. You don’t have to have a boss looking over your shoulder or make awkward chit chat with coworkers at the water cooler.

And thanks to two forward-thinking programs from the state of Vermont and the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, working remotely could also add $10,000 to your bank account! To attract young, tech-savvy workers, Vermont and Tulsa are offering up to $10k to telecommuters who relocate there, along with a host of other sweet benefits.

Interested in states that will pay you to move there? Read on to learn the details of these two awesome programs. Continue reading “Work Remotely? These Places Will Pay You $10,000 to Move There”

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These 13 Moving Tips Will Make Your Next Move Way Less Painful

We’ve cracked the genetic code, landed humans on the moon, and turned cereal milk into an ice cream flavor — so why is moving still so damn difficult?

There’s nothing like struggling with a mattress down a staircase to show you your place in the universe. Although moving can be exciting, first you’ve got to get through the process of packing up all your stuff and transporting it from your old home to your new one.

Having lived in quite a few apartments in my day, I’ve picked up some lessons for making a move way less painful. Plus, I’ve gathered moving tips from others who gravitate toward a nomadic lifestyle.

Whether you’re gearing up to change apartments or planning your move to an entirely new country, these 13 moving tips will help make your move as smooth as possible. Continue reading “These 13 Moving Tips Will Make Your Next Move Way Less Painful”