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Work Remotely? These Places Will Pay You $10,000 to Move There

Working remotely comes with a ton of benefits. You can ditch your commute, work from wherever you want, and manage your time on your own schedule. You don’t have to have a boss looking over your shoulder or make awkward chit chat with coworkers at the water cooler.

And thanks to two forward-thinking programs from the state of Vermont and the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, working remotely could also add $10,000 to your bank account! To attract young, tech-savvy workers, Vermont and Tulsa are offering up to $10k to telecommuters who relocate there, along with a host of other sweet benefits.

Interested in states that will pay you to move there? Read on to learn the details of these two awesome programs. Continue reading “Work Remotely? These Places Will Pay You $10,000 to Move There”

how to start a blog

How to Start Your Awesome Blog: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Are you ready to turn your amazing idea for a blog into a reality?

Even if you have no idea how to start a blog, I’ve got good news for you: Starting your blog is the easy part. You definitely don’t need to be a tech wizard to register a domain name or design an eye-catching website.

Of course, sticking to a regular publishing schedule can be a different story (hello, procrastination!). But getting your blog up and running online is easy and doesn’t take much time at all.

If you’re ready to join the community of bloggers who write and make money online, read on to learn how to start a blog, step by step. Continue reading “How to Start Your Awesome Blog: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide”

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7 Creative Ways to Save Money on Rent When You’re Location Independent

When your job lets you work from anywhere, you have the unique luxury to choose where you want to live. Whether you want to stay in your hometown or move abroad, you’re free to settle wherever  (WiFi and visas allowing).

At the same time, you don’t want to bust your budget on an apartment you can’t afford. Before moving, make the most of these seven creative ways to save money on rent and safeguard your finances. Continue reading “7 Creative Ways to Save Money on Rent When You’re Location Independent”

Is Digital Nomadism Right for You? 7 Potential Downsides to Consider

If you follow the Instagram feeds of digital nomads, you might think their life is one long vacation. You see epic sunsets and beautiful people with perfectly highlighted hair leaping in front of the wonders of the world. Or you see someone casually reclining in a hammock, laptop on their lap as they sip a piña colada (ugh, so bad for your neck and shoulders!).

But we all know Instagram only shows the highlights; it doesn’t tell the full story. As with anything else, the digital nomad lifestyle has cons along with all its pros. So while the perks of being a digital nomad can be pretty incredible, there are also some downsides to consider if you’re going to embark on this path.

If you’re wondering if becoming a digital nomad is right for you, first consider how well you’d adapt to these potential downsides. And if you’re already a digital nomad, rest assured that your struggles are totally normal. Continue reading “Is Digital Nomadism Right for You? 7 Potential Downsides to Consider”

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How to Become a Freelance Writer and Work From Anywhere

There are lots of jobs that help you become a digital nomad, but one that’s nearest and dearest to my heart is freelance writing. For years, I wanted to write online, but I had no idea how to become a freelance writer.

Fortunately, I found a contract writing gig on Craigslist that ultimately helped me make writing my full-time career. Over the past few years, I’ve learned a ton about freelance writing from my own experiences and from freelance writers I’ve met along the way.

If you’d love to get paid for your writing and have an audience read your work, here’s how to become a freelance writer — and how to turn freelance writing into your full-time job. Continue reading “How to Become a Freelance Writer and Work From Anywhere”

Hey, Mom Entrepreneurs: These 6 Sites Will Empower You to Build Your Business From Home

It’s an exciting new world out there for parents who want to work from home. As many stay at home moms are discovering, it’s becoming more and more possible to start your own business. Unlike a 9 to 5 office job, a home-grown business lets mom entrepreneurs set their own schedules around the needs of their family.

Imagine being able to stop working to feed your baby without having to go pump in a supply closet your company calls a lactation room. Or skipping the daily commute and gaining back hours with your family that you’d usually spend sitting in traffic.

If you’d like to turn your talents into a side hustle (or full-time business), the sites below can be a huge help. They offer useful advice on how to start a blog, market your business through social media, and network with other “mom-trepreneurs” to grow your business. Continue reading “Hey, Mom Entrepreneurs: These 6 Sites Will Empower You to Build Your Business From Home”

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6 Best Sites for Finding Work at Home Jobs for Moms

A surprisingly high percentage of mothers leave their jobs once they have children, some citing the statistic as high as 43%. Some of these moms plan to stay at home with their kids, of course, but there are also many mothers who find returning to work after giving birth overwhelmingly challenging—and in many cases, just not worth it.

For one, companies often aren’t supportive of moms advancing their careers after they have kids. They rarely offer flexible schedules that allow moms to balance their careers with raising their family. And maternity leave policies in the U.S. are seriously lacking.

The U.S.’s Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guarantees just 12 (unpaid) weeks off for the birth of a new child to full-time workers who qualify. (In fact, millions of American moms aren’t offered any maternity leave after the birth or adoption of a child.) New moms frequently need to make a choice: leave their infant with a daycare, nanny, or family member, or lose their job. In other words, our government really puts the FML in FMLA.

Despite this sad state of maternity rights in the U.S., it is possible to stay at home while keeping a foot in the career world. To accomplish this, it can help to find a remote job with scheduling flexibility.

Luckily, it’s getting easier and easier to find remote jobs for moms. While you can search remote job boards for work at home jobs for moms, you might have a better chance of getting hired with one of the six job-matching sites below. Continue reading “6 Best Sites for Finding Work at Home Jobs for Moms”

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25 Most Effective Anti-Procrastination Apps for Laser-Sharp Focus

Why do tomorrow what you could do the day after tomorrow?

Sadly, that mantra isn’t so helpful when you’ve got a work from home job. When you’re remote, it’s entirely up to you to structure your schedule and get stuff done.

You’ll be need to be self-directed and self-motivated, and you’ll need strategies for beating the procrastination monster that chase us all. Fortunately, there’s an app for everything these days, including beating procrastination.

Whether you need to cut yourself off from scrolling Facebook or disappearing down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos, check out these helpful anti-procrastination apps for eliminating distractions and staying on task. Continue reading “25 Most Effective Anti-Procrastination Apps for Laser-Sharp Focus”

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13 Cool Benefits the Best Work From Home Companies Provide

A lot of companies promise great benefits, but not all of them walk the talk.

Fortunately, there are several work from home companies that are committed to keeping their employees happy — and they offer competitive benefits to make good on their pledge.

At my last company, for instance, the benefits of working from home were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to perks. Some others included,

  • 100% covered health insurance
  • 401(k) wth a 4% match
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Student loan repayment benefit
  • Brand new MacBook
  • Monthly co-working space membership
  • $150 per month for wellness, which I could use on anything from yoga classes to massages
  • and more.

Although the company recently got acquired, its HR department taught me a ton about how to support employees in a holistic and meaningful way.

While not every company will go quite this far, the best ones offer robust benefits packages. Here are 13 benefits the best work from home companies offer, allowing you to feel supported as you build your career from whatever location fits your lifestyle. Continue reading “13 Cool Benefits the Best Work From Home Companies Provide”

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5 Working From Home Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Working from home has freed up my time in lots of amazing ways.

I can work when I’m most productive, set my own schedule, and even run those annoying errands during the week that everyone else is doing on the weekend (no more waiting in line at the post office or grocery store, woo!).

But if I’m not careful, working from home can actually have the opposite effect where I feel like I’m working all the time.

Since there are no clear boundaries between work and home, it’s all too easy to revise articles, check emails, or otherwise be in work-mode late into the night.

And since my particular situation involves coworkers in different time zones, I often feel like I should be available all day long, just in case someone needs to talk to me.

Remembering to step back and truly “clock out” for the day is still a challenge, but here are some working from home tips I’ve learned for separating work life from well, life life. Continue reading “5 Working From Home Tips for Better Work-Life Balance”