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13 Impressive Questions to Ask During Your Next Remote Job Interview

When you’re getting ready for a job interview, you’re probably thinking about all the questions your interviewer will ask you.

How would I describe myself as an employee? What are my greatest strengths and weaknesses? If I were an app, what would I be?!

While preparing for interview questions is essential, don’t forget to show up with some questions of your own.

Asking thoughtful, well-crafted questions can show you’ve done your research on the organization and are genuinely interested in learning how you can contribute.

What’s more, the right questions can also show you’ve made an intentional choice to work remotely and are prepared for the challenges that telecommuting could present.

And don’t forget, the interview is also an opportunity for you to learn more and make sure the job would be a good fit for you. Continue reading “13 Impressive Questions to Ask During Your Next Remote Job Interview”

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5 of the Most Rapidly Growing Jobs (Which You Can Do Remotely)

With data from Emsi, CareerBuilder recently crunched the data on 774 occupations to find out which ones were growing the fastest in the next few years.

In particular, CareerBuilder highlighted which jobs were set to have the largest number of openings between 2018 and 2023.

It found that the fastest growing job was … drumroll, please … home health aide.

While you can’t really work as a home health aide from your own home, there were several other jobs on CareerBuilder’s list that could be location independent.

Here are five jobs on CareerBuilder’s list that have remote opportunities — and are likely to have even more in the years to come. Continue reading “5 of the Most Rapidly Growing Jobs (Which You Can Do Remotely)”

7 Life-Changing Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad

I recently wrote about the downsides of being a digital nomad, so anyone considering this path has a realistic sense of what it entails. Now I want to focus on the amazing benefits that come with this lifestyle.

Most digital nomads work online, leveraging technology to make an income without being tied to a specific location. Because “going to work” simply means getting online, they can work from anywhere with WiFi.

As a result, a lot of digital nomads head to far-flung destinations like Bali, Chiang Mai, Budapest, or Medellin. Driven by curiosity about the world (and possibly a soon-to-expire visa), many stay on the move, filling up their passport with stamps as they explore this “pale blue dot.”

While this exciting lifestyle has tons of benefits, here are seven that stand out to me. Continue reading “7 Life-Changing Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad”

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How to Manage Your Money as a Location-Independent Digital Nomad

Hey, digital nomads: Do you have a plan for how to manage your money while on the road?

When you’re traveling from place to place, it’s easy to forget about financial matters. After all, saving for retirement probably isn’t top of mind when you’re watching the sun set over a Thai beach or hiking up Machu Picchu.

But if you neglect certain steps, you could end up broke in a foreign country with nowhere to turn. Instead of being boring, getting your financial life together can actually be really empowering.

You can fully enjoy your travels knowing you’re keeping up with loan payments or on track toward your savings goals. So what do you need to learn about how to manage your money as a globe-trotting digital nomad?

Here are seven key steps for getting your financial life in order. Continue reading “How to Manage Your Money as a Location-Independent Digital Nomad”