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30 Best Companies for Teaching ESL Online From Anywhere

In the past few years, there’s been an explosion of companies hiring teachers to teach ESL online. Not only do young students all over the world want to learn English, but adults are looking for English lessons to move up in the business world.

As online education technology has improved, there’s more opportunity than ever to teach ESL online from the comfort of home, or anywhere in the world you wish to live. Most companies are looking for native or fluent English speakers, and some require a college degree, too.

A few also look for TEFL certification, which could be useful if you ever want to teach ESL in an international school. But teaching online offers schedule flexibility and the freedom to work wherever you want (as long as you have good internet!).

Whether you’re looking to teach kids or adults, here are the best companies for teaching ESL online. Continue reading “30 Best Companies for Teaching ESL Online From Anywhere”