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9 Useful Tips for Landing a Remote Job You Can Do From Anywhere

When I was growing up, my high school counselor talked about “dressing for success” and “communicating confidence through your handshake” when you went for a job interview.

But what if you’re applying for a remote job and interviewing over video with a manager who lives halfway across the world? Your ability to dress business casual or deliver a bold handshake isn’t so important anymore (if it ever was).

Work from home jobs are a relatively new phenomenon, and they come with their own set of rules. For help navigating the remote job search, check out the nine useful job search tips below. Continue reading “9 Useful Tips for Landing a Remote Job You Can Do From Anywhere”

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5 of the Most Rapidly Growing Jobs (Which You Can Do Remotely)

With data from Emsi, CareerBuilder recently crunched the data on 774 occupations to find out which ones were growing the fastest in the next few years.

In particular, CareerBuilder highlighted which jobs were set to have the largest number of openings between 2018 and 2023.

It found that the fastest growing job was … drumroll, please … home health aide.

While you can’t really work as a home health aide from your own home, there were several other jobs on CareerBuilder’s list that could be location independent.

Here are five jobs on CareerBuilder’s list that have remote opportunities — and are likely to have even more in the years to come. Continue reading “5 of the Most Rapidly Growing Jobs (Which You Can Do Remotely)”

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5 Working From Home Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Working from home has freed up my time in lots of amazing ways.

I can work when I’m most productive, set my own schedule, and even run those annoying errands during the week that everyone else is doing on the weekend (no more waiting in line at the post office or grocery store, woo!).

But if I’m not careful, working from home can actually have the opposite effect where I feel like I’m working all the time.

Since there are no clear boundaries between work and home, it’s all too easy to revise articles, check emails, or otherwise be in work-mode late into the night.

And since my particular situation involves coworkers in different time zones, I often feel like I should be available all day long, just in case someone needs to talk to me.

Remembering to step back and truly “clock out” for the day is still a challenge, but here are some working from home tips I’ve learned for separating work life from well, life life. Continue reading “5 Working From Home Tips for Better Work-Life Balance”